Hamish Coutts, Almond & Earn SNP Branch Convener.
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Almond & Earn SNP Welcomes New Members!

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Perth & Kinross Council Ward 9 – Almond and Earn. Click here for more information. *PDF file opens in a new tab/window.
Almond and Earn’s largest settlements are Bridge of Earn, Abernethy, Almondbank, Methven, and Forgandenny, 67% of the population.

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Next Zoom Branch Meeting Wednesday, 4 November 2020.

From Liz Lowrey, Membership Secretary, who is regularly contributing fresh content to this site and also to our Facebook page.

From the Electoral Reform Society, Scale of secretive online campaigning during last year’s election revealed.
From Tax Research UK, What is the future for England?
From ihavequestions.scot, The Uselessness of the Alternative Indy Parties.

♦ Nicola Sturgeon is such a hugely impressive leader. Others, Angela Merkel (Germany), Jacinda Ardern (New Zealand)
♦ Per head of population, Scotland’s GDP is more than £2,000 greater than England’s.
♦ Estonia. Latvia. Slovenia. Croatia. Combined GDP, £181.53 billion. Scotland’s GDP, £179.96 billion.