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Almond and Earn’s largest settlements are Bridge of Earn, Abernethy, Almondbank, Methven, and Forgandenny, 67% of the population. Click here for more information.

Hamish Coutts is our Almond & Earn SNP – Scottish National Party – branch Convenor.

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Thanks to Liz Lowrey for this X post link. Click! Also for this post. Rachel Reeves has laid out her plan for a nightmare five years of Labour government. Click!

Hamish Coutts, Branch Convener

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Scotland with 8.4% of the UK’s population possesses: 62% of the UK’s fish landings; 60% of timber production; 90% of the UK’s total freshwater; 96% of the UK’s crude oil and 63% of natural gas production, an economy worth £32,500 per head, £6,000 higher than average of France, Italy, Spain and Japan. Salmon exports up and, of course whisky is a global seller. Too wee, too poor to become independent! Scotland paid £73.8 billion in tax 20/21 and received £41 billion back from Westminster. Delighted to find our branch resolution referenced on the front page of the Sunday National. Click to view video Go here to see The National front page. Liz Lowrey.

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» Thanks to Liz Lowrey, our Membership Secretary, Political Education Officer and Press & Publicity Officer, for many contributions.

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