Almond & Earn SNP Branch – Update 4 February 2020

Hello to all my fellow members of Almond and Earn Branch of the SNP. Particularly welcome are those of you who have joined our branch in the last few weeks, as a result, perhaps, of the General Election result where – even although the SNP won a resounding victory in Scotland – we once again ended up with a Tory Government in Westminster, which few Scots voted for.

Make no mistake – Boris Johnson will not rest until he has done his utmost to crush the SNP. Already, only weeks into a new year, there is talk of a £5m campaign to flood Scotland with adverts bolstering the Union cause. Talk of adverts being played in cinemas, and displayed on billboards. And of course, talk of having successfully ‘Got Brexit Done’.

Johnson and his crew of lickspittle Scottish MP’s intend to refuse granting a second referendum on Scottish Independence for as long as they can. However, our Nicola Sturgeon has said that it is still her intention to go ahead with plans for one this year.

We need to start preparing NOW. Probably the worst of winter is now behind us, and as the days begin to stretch slowly, so should we be getting ready to be out and about in our towns and villages, talking to people about why they should support the SNP and independence.

We need to find those folk who are just waiting to get the right answers to the questions which are worrying them, and get them answers which will allay their fears, and let them come over to our side. All of us who have ever stopped smoking know that a convert is a strong advocate for the new cause. When we manage to provide the evidence which persuades a previous undecided voter to come over to our side of the fence, we are quite probably gathering in a friend for life.

Nicola and the SNP intend for a referendum still to happen this year; however, if Westminster continues to refuse permission, it may have to be delayed until 2021, after the Holyrood elections. It is imperative that any referendum be both legally binding, and recognised by the rest of the world as legitimate.

It is time to get up off our post-Christmas stuffed backsides, and burn a few calories. One way to do that is a wee bit of leafleting and door-knocking, finding out what people are thinking, and helping them to make up their minds that Independence is what the population of this great wee country needs.

So: are you up for it? Will you come along to a branch meeting, or reply to this email to say that you are interested in helping out next time we have a Day of Action?

Our next Branch meeting is tonight at 7:30 pm, in Pitcairngreen Village Hall – please come along. It’s what you are entitled to participate in, as a member of the branch. Meet your branch officials. Bring up something you want to talk about in the Any Other Business section of the meeting. Have the craic with other folk who believe the same as you do. If you can’t come, but have questions you would like answered, let me know and I will ask them for you. My email is: carolb1956 @ (close the gaps in place to prevent email address harvesting)

Check out our website:, and also our Facebook page, Almond and Earn SNP Branch, to find out what we are up to next.

Thanks all, hope to see you tonight in Pitcairngreen.

Best wishes,


Carol Mair

Almond & Earn SNP Membership Secretary and Women’s Officer.