After one of the worst of starts to a New Year that I can recall it feels insensitive to return to the subject of politics. Families are mourning loved ones lost to the pandemic that is tearing through our country. Tuesday saw many of us watching the livestream of our own Henry Anderson’s funeral service. A tragic loss to his family and many friends and all within the SNP who he inspired. Many are fearful of losing their employment and at present there is no end in sight. We do indeed have the vaccine to be hopeful about but as we all remain bunkered down it’s going to be a long hard winter till the onset of spring. Many people are feeling scared isolated and lonely. We are sociable creatures by nature and Zoom is no substitute for proper human interaction. We must all take heart so in knowing that after this awful start to 2021 things will improve if each of us plays a part in adhering to the rules and defeating this horrible virus that has already caused so much death and heartache.

Thereafter there is something that we can all look onward to and participate in.

Last night at 18:55 the Scottish Branch Office of the Tory party led by the hapless Dross fired the starting gun on their 2021 Holyrood election campaign. I paid no heed to a word that he said as we all know that every word uttered will be denied at a later date. The lies and misinformation spouted on a daily basis have become tedious to say the least.

Earlier in the afternoon I saw Pete Wishart repeatedly ask Dross’s master the U.K. PM why the democratic rights of our fellow citizens to determine our own future should be denied. The Fat Controller had no answer and claimed he did not understand the question!!! What a waste of a private education.

Well folks we know exactly what Pete was asking. Additionally we know that by securing an overall SNP majority in May it is inconceivable that the status quo can continue.

There have been umpteen articles of late in the Unionist press some from folks who really should know better. Apparently Dross must have missed their plaintiff cries to delay the election. You me and the man on the Clapham omnibus know why the Unionists were clamouring for delay. And no it’s not The ex PM Maybot’s dither and delay tactic. It’s an attempt to subvert a result which they fine well know will not end well for their cause and will ultimately lead to the breakup of their precious Union.

We saw an amazing result in December 2019 with a big increase in SNP MPs elected. Whilst I’m glad that they are fighting our corner and standing up for Scotland and our citizens, this is no longer enough. The only way to save Scotland from the toxicity of the current Tory government is to win big in May 2021 hold our referendum when safe to do so and exit the Union with all possible speed.

The longer we remain in this toxic Union the harder it will be for Scotland to be reshaped in the form that we desire. If a tree has a rotten branch it will be chopped off and the tree has a chance of survival.The U.K. is the rotten branch clutching at Scotland.Its long spindly tentacles are trying to keep us in its grasp, but the grasp is loosening and soon the branch will be consigned to the compost heap.

The U.K. will break up. Of this I am certain. Ireland will become a united country. Scotland will be free and independent and even in Wales the calls for separation are becoming increasingly louder.

The whole world can see England in particular and the U.K. in general for what it is . A small nasty place where only the very rich and Tory acolytes prosper. We will all have seen the pathetic offerings provided to needy and hungry children in England. I wonder what the Rees Mogg children have for their lunches? Whatever they eat I’m sure it will be served to them with a silver spoon. In spite of Rees Moggs affectations I’m certain there are no hungry children in his house asking Please Sir can I have some more.

We all watched in shock and horror as events unfolded in America. How did things ever come to this sorry state. As I write this article it appears that the Tangerine One is about to be impeached for the second time. Even some of his own republican representatives are turning against a man who will go down in history as the man that didn’t make America great again. How did this happen we may wonder. Without his twitter account and his backers he has become a small demented man howling at the moon. His legacy of misinformation and lies has destroyed people’s belief in information sources. If it’s not to our liking all we need to do is call it false he uttered. We in Scotland must now start to call it out. Every lie and false statement uttered by the Tories should be labelled as such.

Dross might have been first off the starting blocks but the tortoise and the hare springs to mind. We in Scotland have been patiently waiting for Independence for many years. Independence has always been about playing the longer game and waiting for the optimum time. In my opinion the optimum time isn’t far off. We have had a series of polls all with a majority in favour of a yes vote for Independence. There will come a point when even the Fat Controller in Downing Street will realise that inevitably he cannot hold back a swelling tide of support for Independence. Dross takes great delight from criticising the elected government of Scotland whilst closing his eyes and ears to the charlatans running the Westminster government. Like Boris on his bike ride Dross has no shame.

Scotland’s time is coming and as we emerge from our bunkers we will begin anew to campaign for our democratic right to determine our own futures. Scotland voices will be heard and become so loud that not even a baby Trump in Downing Street can ignore us.