The question for the SNP and ourselves is what are we going to do.

The time is fast approaching when bluffs will be called and to see who blinks first.

It is fair to say Boris Johnson and his Tory gang have moved into a more provocative mode by continuing to undermine Holyrood and target our 48 MPs in a bid to further humiliate Scotland. Of course he is ably assisted by many Scottish commentators and politicians.

The problem for us is the SNP has firmly nailed its independence ambitions to what is the gold standard of a referendum. This of course creates a major problem about what happens if the British government refuses to agree a section 30.

So far they have been steadfast in stating they will not give their agreement under any circumstance.

For her part, Nicola Sturgeon still insists she will hold one this year and that the Conservatives will give in.

From what I can see, there is no chance the London government will relent any time soon, so where does that leave the ambition of a referendum this year or at least a legal referendum. Up the creek I suspect.

I would remind all that the gold standard for independence is definitely the more likely method but that only works when both parties agree. It may well be the gold standard, but it is not the only way If
you care to look at Kosova.

I sincerely hope that our leaders have a plan B because writing letters and what we have done up to now has not shifted the government one bit and does not look likely to.

So are we stuck in the trenches for another year? If so then we will have to win an outright majority at the Scottish elections in a system that was specifically designed so that no party can have an outright majority

The British government is hoping that the longer they hold out the more damage they can do to devolution and implement their plans for a unitary British state.

The question for the SNP (Scottish National Party) and ourselves is what are we going to do?

Bryan Auchterlonie

Branch Political Officer