Hello, everyone.

We’re aware that many of you are spending much of your time leafletting for the European election at the moment.  We trust no householder has yet thrown anything, lactose-based or otherwise, at you.  Keep up the good work, and may your efforts be rewarded with a decent turnout.  History suggests that may be an unlikely prospect, but we can always hope!

Since you may not have a lot of time to read this, we thought we’d sum up our next two events visually.

At our street stall on Saturday 25 May we again intend to ask the opinion of the Perth public on a few questions, an approach that prompted quite a few conversations the last time we used it.  Things will still be uncertain at the weekend, of course, since the European election results – something that may affect the shoogliness of the nail holding up Mrs May’s jaiket – won’t be announced till Monday.  However, with the Boris bandwagon and the media’s Farage-fest both gathering pace, we reckon Perth’s shoppers will have a pretty good idea of where the UK might be going.  Might the obvious alternative appear a wee bit more attractive for them?  Let’s find out.

We’ll be running the stall from 10 am to 1 pm.  There’s a Fair City Craft Market taking place, so that may affect exactly where we position ourselves, but you should be able to find us easily enough.  All help is welcome, even if you can only stay for a short period.  If you’d like to know more, just drop us a line – otherwise simply turn up on the day.

Our next public meeting, on Tuesday 4 June at the Grampian Hotel, starting at 7 pm, features Andy Anderson‘s presentation on ‘Independence: The Facts’.  If you were at last Friday’s Pensioners for Independence meeting at the Salutation Hotel, you’ll know what a treasure-trove of useful information it contains.  This meeting is tailor-made for you to bring along any undecided but persuadable family, friends or colleagues to evaluate the information for themselves and ask questions if they’re unsure about anything.  Talking amongst ourselves is fine, but we need to get the word out to the ‘No’ voters of 2014 – so please do ask around and see who you can invite!

Both of these, along with other coming events, are included in our regular ‘What’s On’ listing.  If you take a look at it, you’ll notice the reference to the Galashiels AUOB march on Saturday 1 June.  Sadly, there hasn’t been sufficient demand for us to run a bus to that one, and other nearby Yes groups appear to be in a similar position.  However, if you’re planning to go, and you need any advice about the best means of getting there, drop us a line and we’ll see what we can recommend.

Finally, a word of thanks to everyone who attended our evening with Grouse Beater at the Grampian Hotel a week ago on Tuesday.  It was a very interesting evening, and quite a change of pace for us – most folk enjoyed it, some didn’t! – but it was well worth doing, we thought, and thank you for your support.  It’s nice to do something different once in a while.

That’s about it for this week.  If you’re involved in the last of the Euro-leafletting, we hope the weather is kind to you.  See you on Saturday at the stall, we hope, or soon.

Best wishes,

Yes Perth City Steering Group