The Dust has settled – Our star is in the ascendancy

Well readers what a week it’s been. Despite the best efforts of the Tory twig office (confession I saw this elsewhere) but Tory Branch office is so last week, our First Minister and our Party have weathered the storm. Suddenly the press hounds aren’t getting a daily update from the Blue Baroness or Dross, who in all seriousness really should be considering their own positions. Of course the Baroness is now set for a life of luxury in the unelected and unrepresentative House of Lords (aka The chamber of reward for cronies and failed politicians)

My trust and faith in our First Minister was never in doubt. Whilst acknowledging that there were failures in the complaints system and procedures it was plain for anyone to see that this was set up with the best of intentions and as has been conclusively proven by the independent Hamilton report there was not and never had been any other motive than to provide a safe working environment where staff are protected.

How sad for the non dynamic duo of Blue and Dross that all their plans to oust our First Minister and discredit our Scottish government turned to dust. What now one wonders can they do to prevent the inevitable. I’ll go out on a limb here and predict that the Tory chickens will well and truly come home to roost in May. Lacking in policies, they cry and gnash their teeth in vain. For Unionists they seem to have an unnaturally unhealthy interest in a second Independence referendum. Perhaps like Mrs McTory they will have a Damascian conversion, but miracles only happen at Christmas or so we are told.

Meantime in Social Media world the predominantly male anti SNP bloggers have gone to Def Com 1.

I confess to a certain sense of schadenfreude. They’re literally pure raging! All their snide innuendos have fallen as flat as the proverbial pancake. But that’s not the only misfortune to befall them. As an ardent follower of all things against us (know your enemy) it appears that their revenues from their blog sites have also dwindled.

And here’s the crux of the matter, we all need to hit the Unionists where it hurts. For the bloggers who daily spouted their bile are no friends of ours and certainly do not have Scotland’s best interests at heart. I hasten to add that there are male bloggers who remained true to our cause. One that I admire is Paul Kavanagh the wee ginger dug and I’d thoroughly recommend him as a great read.

Also this week the bill for our second Independence referendum was laid before our Parliament. It’s maybe my age, but this news bought a wee tear to my eye. After the devastation of losing in 2014, I thought all hope was lost. Like many many others though I didn’t give up. I joined the SNP and became active on social media to further the cause. That seems like so long ago now and so much has happened since 2014. We had the whole Brexit fiasco that Scotland did not vote for or want. The non UK PM went to the election in 2019 with the old chestnut of Get Brexit done. Like lemmings jumping off a cliff top the deluded gave their votes to a man who leads a Party where self interest is paramount. Sadly for the masses it’s only Tory self interest that matters. Since the arrival of the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020 this has been apparent in every action taken by the UK government. Dither and delay are their bywords and U turns could become their new Party slogan! No-one could have predicted how much our lives here in Scotland and throughout the world would change.

Throughout the pandemic we have witnessed the actions of a blustering Clown in Downing Street. How many lives have been cruelly taken due to his inability to act. I doubt the history books will be kind in years to come. This starkly compares with the actions of our own Scottish government who have tried their utmost to preserve lives. This brings us to the crux of the matter. How much better we would have managed if Scotland had been an independent small country. There are numerous examples of small countries who adopted much more strident control methods to combat the virus.

Shackled to the UK Scotland made the best of a bad situation, but this current situation remains untenable.

In a mere 43 days we the people of Scotland have an opportunity to get the country that we want and deserve. We will not be blindsided by the same tired Unionist arguments. If Dross really believed in himself and his UK Tory masters he would be man enough to stand for a Constituency seat. There are currently safe Tory areas even in Scotland sadly. Is he afraid that even in their safest of havens the tides may be turning against their toxic Party.

In our own area we see old Tory stalwart Liz Smith standing against our own excellent candidate Jim Fairlie. Liz states on Twitter that her passions are cricket, mountains and Switzerland. Well dear readers we know what to do. We must all do our utmost to promote our excellent candidate. We will leave Liz to her quintessential English game of cricket. Meanwhile the hills around our area will not be filled with the sounds of yodelling but with the might roar of SNP members and supporters.

This time our star is in the ascendancy and our voices will be heard.

Self determination is our right and will be taken. That’s the message we must promote and together as we and fellow Scots throughout our country cast our votes for our Party we will send a clear and plain message. Scotland’s Future in Scotland’s hands.

by Liz Lowrey, Branch Membership Secretary

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay