The Blue Red and Orange Meanies by Liz Lowrey

Monster Meanie

Well dear readers I’m feeling very happy and hope you are all sharing my joy. After a long, hard but inspiring election campaign the votes have been counted and the result is clear. Our Scottish Parliament is now filled to overflow with independence supporting MSPs. With 64 seats for the SNP and 8 seats for the Scottish Green Party the people of Scotland have spoken and Scotland’s Voice has indeed been heard. The nay sayers, anti SNP bloggers and pop up parties have been consigned to the dustbin of history.Theres an old saying if it ain’t broke don’t fix it and we now know that voters of Scotland in the round agreed with an increased majority supporting the SNP.

South Perthshire and Kinross-shire elected our new MSP Jim Fairlie also with an increased majority on the back of an increased voter turnout. The Blue Meanies in Mid Scotland and Fife were roundly beaten and only managed to sneak in on the list thanks to their campaign of blatantly begging for voters of the red and orange meanies to lend their votes to the Party of Boris Johnson! Whilst in a functioning democracy every individual has the right to cast their vote for what they believe in I seriously wonder how the folks that leant their vote to the Toxic Tories can sleep at night.
As the UK Parliament opened with all the outdated pomp and ceremony the Queen’s speech was notable by what it didn’t cover as much as by what it did.
Trump himself would be proud of the naked attempt at voter suppression. Sledge hammer to crack a nut springs to mind and even the Blue Baroness told it like it is on the Peston programme. Of course she is now free to air her views safe in the knowledge that she has her ermine robe for life thanks to her services to the Tory Twig office in Scotland.
And as for the current leader Dross the strain of leading a party that did NOT win in Scotland has already started to show. His rude aggressive and childlike behaviour is no longer hidden and the people of Scotland are watching. His comments to Pete Wishart show him for what he is a small man with small ideas and a small vocabulary. No doubt he was enraged when the UK Secretary of State for Scotland Union Jack admitted yesterday that the SNP had indeed won the election in Scotland. That Dross has in the past made extremely offensive comments about minority groups is not in doubt. Old school mates have spoken regarding his bullying behaviour in the past and he continues to take a leaf out of his UK Masters’ rule book. No wonder he was deemed a fit and proper person to represent the Party in Scotland. And it’s not just him. The bitterness of his fellow cohorts oozes out unchecked. I was shocked but not surprised when Annie Wells criticised a new young SNP MSP who has achieved a great success in being elected. This type of Tory behaviour is beyond the pale but sadly expected. Starting any new job is a daunting prospect and without adequate bank rolling from rich benefactors most people will struggle and by stating this our young MSP shows understanding of real people and the difficulties they face.
And talking of young MSPs, overnight we see a new MP in Airdrie and Shotts. A great day for Airdrie and Shotts not so much for the Tory lite Labour Party. Strange that the English By Election got wall to wall coverage on BBC but our first ever SNP win in a By Election gets a mere grudging mention.

So returning to the Queen’s Speech a reasonable person might wonder where the oven ready health and social care reform package is. Yet another example of Tory fake promises that will never materialise. There will also be an enquiry into their catastrophic mishandling of the pandemic but again this has been kicked into the long grass. The only thing that this Tory government did right was ensure that we had adequate vaccine supplies. However when the history books are written I doubt this will be what is remembered rather their serial incompetence at every turn.
Yesterday as the new MSPs were sworn into our Parliament a dawn raid occurred in Glasgow. Team UK at its absolute worst showing again the divergence of the countries of the disUnited Kingdom.
People power won the day in Glasgow as fellow citizens supported their neighbours from the clutches of the UK’s vile policies. Scotland is a welcoming country to all who choose to make their home here. Diversity is one of our great strengths. Compare and contrast with the situation elsewhere on These Islands. Local elections in England reaffirm that much of England remains wedded to the Tory party and its despicable ideologies. When will the scales fall from their eyes? The red wall has remained blue and once again I can only state that the electorate receive the government they deserve.
Meanwhile in Wales and Scotland Toryism has been firmly rejected and put back in its box. Like a maniacally jack in the box it remains waiting to spring out when we least expect it.
Scotland’s Parliament has a progressive programme of legislation ready to enact with Covid recovery at its heart. One wonders how many of the Tory Twig office will vote against progressive legislation in our Parliament. How long will the alleged Dross spirit of working together for the recovery of Scotland last. A cynic such as me predicts not long. We will see him in action very soon as he leads his Party in the Scottish Parliament. His Blue Baroness safety blanket is gone and we can expect to see his petulant childish behaviour becoming more apparent as he struggles with his dual mandates of not representing Scotland and our interests in Holyrood or Westminster. Will he go the same way as the unfortunate ex MP for Ochil and South Perthshire. Rejected as an MP, rejected by Downing Street and reduced to writing ridiculous pieces for low quality pro Union media publications. I did have a terrible fear that he would try to sneak back into Scottish politics on the Tory list but luckily that was not to be.
As our new MSPs and Parliament work to rebuild Scotland as an even better country many challenges lie ahead. We can be confident in our First Minister who has worked tirelessly to date and continues to lead the majority SNP MSPs in Holyrood. However great the challenges ahead I have every confidence that the day job will be done.
As for the Blue Red and Orange meanies I’m not expecting much.