Hello, everyone.

Last Saturday’s street stall, situated in what you might regard as the ‘prime location’ at the head of the T-junction beside ‘The Ring’ sculpture, enjoyed some interesting times as a snell wind whistled up King Edward Street, threatening to scatter leaflets in all directions. Fortunately, a good supply of clothes pegs and the judicious purchase of a number of soap dishes from Poundland to weight everything down helped us to retain our dignity.

Apart from all the usual interesting conversations with the shoppers of Perth, with the previous week’s Brexit manoeuvres having set up the possibility of European elections going ahead, we set ourselves the special task of assisting people – including EU citizens – to register to vote.

It may not be directly related to the independence debate, but voter registration (particularly in the Glasgow and Dundee housing schemes) was a major part of the 2014 Yes campaign, and it certainly does Yes folk no harm to be seen to be supporting the widest possible spread of democracy.

That’s why the crowd-funded ‘Indy Pack’ that we received at the end of last year contained 100 voter registration forms, and we certainly made use of some of those last Saturday.

We’re already looking forward to our next street stall, which we expect to be in the first half of May, when we’ll be asking passers-by their opinion on a few fundamental topics. More about that in due course, and we hope you can join us for it.

You’ll note from the latest ‘What’s On’ listing that we’ve organised our next public event, which will feature script writer, film maker, broadcaster, pro-indy blogger and much more besides “Grouse Beater”, otherwise known as Gareth Wardell.

His blogs are highly readable and thought-provoking, he’s had a fascinating career and met some interesting people and, of course, he has some strong views on Scotland’s future. Come along to the Grampian Hotel on Tuesday 14 May at 7:00 pm to hear what he has to say – you won’t regret it!

Also coming up, just two weeks away now, is the All Under One Banner march and rally in Glasgow on Saturday 4 May. Our bus is now fully booked, and we need to evaluate whether there’s sufficient demand for us to order a second bus.

Our Eventbrite booking page is now operating a waiting list, so if you haven’t yet booked a ticket to Glasgow and would like to, please go online as soon as possible and make sure your name is added. If demand warrants it, we’ll do what we can to lay on additional transport.

On the Yes Perth & Kinross Hub plans, we understand that there’ll be a progress report (and a fairly positive one, at that) coming out in the next couple of days. As soon as it’s available, we’ll drop you a note with a link to it.

Finally, speaking of progress reports, in case you missed it, here’s today’s ‘National’ article by Nicola Sturgeon about the way forward. A nice warm-up for the SNP Conference next weekend, perhaps, as if one were needed…

Best wishes,

Yes Perth City Steering Group