They say a week’s a long time in politics and never has this been more true than for the Tory Party sleaze machine. The clocks went back last weekend and this week we have indeed travelled back to the future as finally the festering corruption bubbling below the Tory Party surface burst forth with
a renewed vengeance. Back to the days of cash for questions and a general mistrust of MPs and their motives. There are many decent and hardworking MPs in the UK Parliament, however most of those are not Tories.

The facts of the case were simple. A Tory MP was investigated by the standards committee and found guilty of feathering his own nest. That appears not to be in doubt but rather than apologise and accept the consequences of his actions a concerted effort sprung into action to try and save his bacon. The fat controller ordered a three line whip as the so called party of Government in the UK attempted to change the rules after the fact.

Cries of shame rang out in the Chamber of Horrors and it wasn’t even Halloween! As the Tory Party machine swung full blown into defending their wayward colleague the cries of indignation from all sides of the political spectrum and the wider population could not be ignored. Less than 24 hours after the dastardly deed was done, the hand brake was applied with full force and a spectacular U Turn occurred. The MP concerned was made aware of his “Et Tu Brutus” moment whilst shopping in his local supermarket. Cast out into the cold by his leader, the luckless MP finally did the honourable thing and resigned. He states he will now be free from the nastiness of political life and it wouldn’t surprise me if once the dust has settled he finds himself in a cosy seat in the House of Lords. Meantime I’m sure his £100k from his part-time job will lessen the financial blow to his loss of income from politics.

Backstabbing Boris and his lackeys didn’t even have the decency to advise their former colleague that the situation had changed. The U Turn was better for democracy and the working of Parliament, but not so for the MP who along with many of his ex colleagues have been hung out to dry. How foolish must the Scottish Tory Branch office feel in the light of subsequent events. Four of the Scottish Branch office MPs voted according to headquarters’ dictate. It’s not known if Dross and Union Jack were paired or if they chose to abstain. I’d given up trying to figure this out, but what was clear was that within the rotten core of the Tory Party there was indeed a minority of MPs that voted against the orders of the three line whip. The Scottish Branch was not in that minority.

As for the rest I doubt that history or the electorate will be kind to them. I certainly hope they are voted out come the next general election. However as the week’s drama draws to a close the matter of cronyism and corruption is far from over. There are a number of MPs already under investigation including the Non PM himself. To fail in one cover up attempt is unfortunate, but to fail in two will have consequences. What these consequences will be and when we will see them remains to be seen. The lid is definitely off the can of worms, the genie is well and truly out the bottle and the scales have been removed from many voters’ eyes.

For the Tory’s it may indeed be a winter of discontent. Meanwhile on a happier note we have the COP26 ongoing in Glasgow. In spite of the worst efforts of the three Unionist Amigos in Holyrood to talk Glasgow down, things appear to be proceeding well. The bigwigs have left the building and the ordinary folks can work together with planning for saving our planet.

The non PM was obviously so bored by it all that he fell asleep. “Alexa show me a picture ofarrogance”. I give you the spectacle of the Non PM not wearing a mask whilst sitting next to the 95 year old David Attenborough. This has shown to all the world exactly what he is. A shameful narcissist who is only concerned with the world according to Boris. As Greta said so eloquently, he’s all Blah Blah Blah. A man neither of ideals or action. I’m sure it won’t be long till he’s jetting off for another freebie holiday courtesy of one of his alleged friends.

Meanwhile we in Scotland have a leader who has shown herself to be a model of how to behave when meeting world leaders at this important event. It must have broken the Unionists’ hearts to see our First Minister, who they desperately tried to sideline, meeting with the other great world leaders.

Scotland is indeed a nation in waiting. We are a nation waiting to rejoin the civilised world of sensible and decent democracies. We want to free ourselves from the UK which has become far worse in the space of a few short years.

Time is on our side and all the pieces are moving nicely into position. While we in Scotland promote a well being economy, open borders and internationalism, Little Britain becomes ever smaller and more isolated on a daily basis. The Reef Moggs, Pretty Awfuls and other such members of the Cabinet of the Non Government of the UK will soon be consigned to history. Now is the moment to remain vigilant. The Unionist dirty trick Brigade will stop at nothing to talk down Scotland. This time I’m certain they won’t succeed. The scales fell from our eyes in 2014 and more and more of our fellow citizens are seeing the light. Even committed Unionists are embarrassedby what the UK has become and I’m certain that this situation won’t be improving anytime soon. For all the cries of get Brexit done, the Brexit so longed for by the little Britainites is only just beginning. There are hard times ahead and we must take every opportunity to distance ourselves and Scotland from this debacle.

We have our November conference to inspire us and then the Council elections in May 2022. Working together we will promote Scotland, our Party and Independence. The eyes of the world are watching and I’m certain that Scotland will be seen in a favourable light.

Liz Lowrey

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay