Something is Rotten in No 11 Downing Street

Many years ago when I was an ardent young law student we were told an urban myth by one of our esteemed lecturers. Apparently it was not unheard of for unhappy sellers to leave a small token of their contempt for an unfortunate purchaser hidden in some nook or cranny prior to vacating the property. It could take several weeks for the unsuspecting new owner to discover where the stench permeating their new home was emanating from.

I can’t remember what the exact moral of this story was but it leads me to wonder if Dom the Disrupter left a little token of non affection for his erstwhile bestie festering in No 11. We will probably never know the identity of the Chatty Rat but by pointing his finger at Dom the non PM may yet rue the day he allowed this disruptive force into his inner circle. Hell hath no fury like a SPAD scorned and one does wonder exactly what will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Whilst Carrie on Regardless is certainly no Lady McBeth it will certainly require all the perfumes of Arabia to mask the overpowering odour of corruption oozing out of Downing Street. The constant cronyism has become an accepted fact of the way this toxic Tory government operates. Polls show that in England poor old Captain Hindsight is doing little to persuade the English electorate of the merits of his Tory lite option. The liberal (who) democrats have lost any hope of keeping their support who wrongly thought that their preferred party was anti Brexit. It seems that the Fib Dem’s along with the other two Unionist parties have only one call to arms now. They must at all costs stop another divisive referendum!!

And talking of divisive referendums I won’t hold my breath till I or Channel 4’s Ciaran Jenkins get a reply from the Tory twig leader Dross as to what exactly is required for the people of Scotland to be able to determine their own future. Funnily enough so Dross has been quick of the starting blocks today to defend his Imperial Masters comments regarding a preference for bodies to pile up rather than have another lockdown. Well we all know how that ended up sadly. Countless lives lost and families left devastated due to Tory inertia and ineptitude. Not one not two but three persons who were present at the time have now stated that this statement was made and for that alone it’s surely time for the non PM to move. Such a shame that he’s spent so much of his own personal wealth decorating when he’s likely moving out soon.

You don’t have to be Mystic Meg to see that the current situation in the Disunited Kingdom is not going to improve any time this millennium. Voters get the governments they deserve and the voters in England have spoken and must now reap what they have sown. Scotland didn’t vote for this and yet we suffer as a result of actions taken by a Charlatan who holds the highest political office in the land.

Even if the Ides of March belatedly happen in May June or the twelfth of never what I ask will replace the non PM. It certainly can’t be worse you think but wait it could be. A certain husband of a Daily Mail journalist is notable only by his absence. Revenge is a dish best served cold and I’m sure that the Gloved One hasn’t forgiven or forgotten how he was treated in a previous leadership contest. Aided and abetted by Dom the Disrupter he lies in wait come the hour come the assassin.

There are now more leaks coming out of Downing Street than in the Titanic after it was struck by the iceberg. As a great fan of anti cop corruption drama Line of Duty all I can say is where’s Ted Hastings when you need him.

Much has been made of the upcoming Scottish Parliament Election. It is no exaggeration to state categorically that this is indeed the most important election of our lifetimes. Over the past few weeks it has been heartening to see all our activists out and about delivering letters and leaflets for our MSP candidate Jim Fairlie. Walking around Abernethy I see the window posters and bigger banners and this is repeated throughout our constituency.

The SNP manifesto is a beacon of hope and inspiration for all who live in Scotland. We already have so many benefits from living in Scotland from the baby box to free childcare and university education to free personal care. Many new and innovative policies which will benefit all of us are yet to come. Compare and contrast with DRoss who wants to make savings from the Scottish NHS but won’t say what current services he wishes to cut. Like everyone else he has no answers and repeats the mantra divisive referendum ad nauseum. The Blue Baroness is also strangely quiet on the latest sleaze fest engulfing her Westminster colleagues. Silence is Golden when it comes to the Tories.

They are the Party of no answers and they certainly have no answers as to how they can justify their continued denial of a second Independence referendum if the people of Scotland elect a SNP government in May. That the UK is broken is not in any doubt. It’s more broken than Humpty Dumpty and no amount of superglue can repair the damage.

A bright future beckons for us in Scotland. We can’t always rely on our Scottish weather, but we can rely on the grit and determination of our SNP party to achieve what the majority of our fellow citizens desire. No longer will we be shackled to a corrupt and broken relic of the past. United as one, the activists have done the leg work, the candidates have made the case and I for one am heartily looking forward to a resounding SNP victory on 6 May. The icing on the cake of course will be a resounding drubbing for the Scottish Tories. My 60th Birthday is on 7 May and what an amazing belated birthday present that would be!
by Liz Lowrey | Apr 27, 2021