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News Release from Councillor Henry Anderson & Councillor Mike Williamson.
For Immediate Release Monday 4 February 2019.

Almond and Earn SNP Councillor Henry Anderson has worked with his SNP colleague Councillor Mike Williamson to secure funding within the SNP’s council budget amendment for crash barriers at key danger sites across the Perth and Kinross Roads network.

These locations have features where road speeds may not be especially high but the consequences of leaving the road would nevertheless be severe through sheer drops or water hazards.

Councillor Anderson advised:

“This is a really important issue for motorists on our country roads. Crash barriers offer motorists a safeguard, particularly in winter, which can prevent a nasty accident becoming a fatality which is an improvement we should all welcome.

“This proposed investment of £1 million will allow roads officers within the Council to prioritise those key sites across the county requiring barriers and get work started making our roads network safer.

“As a professional driver I am all too aware of how dangerous our roads can be which is why I have worked hard to get this measure included in the SNP’s annual budget submission.”

Councillor Mike Williamson added:

“Its good news for rural communities to have this planned investment in road safety and I would encourage other parties on the council to follow this lead and make a similar commitment to rural crash barriers installations.”


Picture shows Councillor Henry Anderson on the B912 between Perth and Bridge of Earn.