Scotland Matters. But Not To Unionists.

What a week it’s been dear readers. Misinformation is all around us and now is the time to be increasingly vigilant of Unionists and especially Unionists concealed in various other guises.The Unionist wolf hidden behind our bonnie Saltire is alive well and living in social media land and on a Facebook or Twitter page near you.

Never judge a book by the cover is a well known caveat that we all learned at a young age. Open the book and it soon becomes apparent what is lurking behind the appealing front cover. Often it’s not pretty and sometimes it’s downright disgusting. Delve a little deeper into the book and it is patently apparent that all is not as first appears. The dirty tricks campaigners are out in force and it’s certainly no force for the good of Scotland and our citizens.

We all looked on in horror as the giant tangerine in America cried fake news whilst spouting his misinformation. Surely that couldn’t happen here? But wait it’s happening now on TV, MSM and on every social media site.

We had this week the tale of two billboards. Scotland Matters a group of dodgy unionist individuals – my personal view only, as they certainly aren’t operating in Scotland’s interest! They placed an anti-Scottish Government billboard in Greenock criticising Scotland’s vaccine rollout programme. *See picture at bottom of this post. Sadly like everything Unionists touch that ship had already sailed and is heading in fair winds onwards to independence. Latest information shows that the accelerated rate of vaccination in our country is top of the list for vaccination rates not just in the UK but in Europe.

Now for the insidious part. Scotland Matters tried to link their group to Yes Inverclyde who have nothing to do with the Scotland Matters campaign. I’m pleased to report that Yes Inverclyde were prompt to notice and also have their own billboard promoting as we would expect Scotland’s independence.

In a week when the Union Unit or rather the Union Disunity Unit made headlines for all the wrong reasons an ever increasing sense of desperation is creeping into the core Unionist arguments. Personal attacks are now commonplace on our First Minister, MSPs and MPs on social media and in committee meetings. I give you Alexander Cole Hamilton who really should have had his foul mouth washed when he was a child, swearing with impunity his outburst then being backed up by none other than the unelected Lord Faulkes. Standards are slipping and this will only get worse. Meanwhile in Holyrood the two non leaders of the various shades of Bitter Together opposition parties shriek shrilly at our First Minister about events that have yet to go through due process.

But wait is the Baroness calling for the resignation of Matt Hancock found by a criminal court this week to have acted illegally in the procurement process? The sound of silence is deafening! It appears that the moral high ground doesn’t apply to their own but that’s unsurprising given their terrible track record.

Our beautiful country goes to the polls in a mere seventy four days. There’s all to lose but everything to gain. Scotland’s future and our Independence is within touching distance . Now is not the time to doubt our First Minister and our Party. Beware of the wolves in sheep’s clothing living in our midst. The principal aim and the reason I joined the SNP is to secure Scotland’s independence. None of the pop up Parties spouting anti-SNP messages have anything concrete to offer. They are content to sow discord where none exists. They are blindly playing into the hands of the very Unionists they claim to be against. A strong and convincing majority for the SNP is I’m certain the way forward. There are many levers which have not yet been used to ensure that Scotland’s democratic right to choose its own future does occur.By giving #BothVotesSNP in May we are allowing our Party of choice to secure the necessary mechanisms to achieve Independence.

Additionally a quick look on will evidence the good governance that Scotland has benefited from in the years that the SNP has strived to make our country more just and equitable for each and every one of us.

We can only look on and pity our English neighbours who have suffered a decade of Tory misrule and serial incompetence. I’m being rather kind to the Tories here. As our own Mhairi Black has often stated, many Tory policies are deliberate and cruel. No matter what spin they put on their policies, the bottom and top line is that they do not serve ordinary people. That dear readers is you me and every single member of our families and all our friends. The Scottish Tory Branch Office and their MSP candidates have nothing to offer the people of Scotland. Wait, there is one thing they are good at, dirty tricks and misinformation. As I write Postal Ballots from Tory HQ are arriving through letter boxes near you. The electoral commission has looked into this and sadly it appears that although immoral, it’s not actually illegal. By asking for the information to be returned to Tory HQ rather than the local Electoral Registrar they are misusing a system of voting designed to assist the more vulnerable in society especially during this pandemic health crisis.

That’s why we need to ensure we register for a Postal Vote. The application is straightforward quick and easy to complete and once registered we can all ensure that on polling day our votes are already safely in the SNP bag. What misfortune if we missed the opportunity to vote and have our support for Independence and the SNP the party of Independence unrecorded. That dear readers is not a chance I’m prepared to take. I love casting my vote in person. It’s an event I’ve enjoyed for over forty years but for Mays election I’m voting by post for the first time ever.

While I’m very excited about a great SNP majority in May, closer to home we also have an important bi-election on 25 March in less than five weeks time. Following the untimely and tragic death of our own Councillor Henry, our local area currently has two Tory councillors who are certainly not working for the community they were elected to represent. Local concerns and issues are ignored or dismissed and we need to ensure that we elect our SNP candidate so the good work done by Henry is continued and we have a councillor who will represent our area and all who live in it.

The forthcoming bi-election in March and the May Holyrood election will be like no other election held in our lifetime.

Let’s make both the bi-election and the Holyrood election monumental for all the right reasons

A new SNP councillor for Almond and Earn Ward and Jim Fairlie MSP for Perthshire South and Kinross Shire.

Let’s make this happen in 2021 for you, me and Scotland.