Liz Lowrey

Liz Lowrey

Shortly before the 2019 general election I put a heartfelt plea out to my Twitter followers.

On 08.12.19 Remember folks a Boris isn’t just for Christmas . His policies will ruin the country and even more lives ! To avoid the nightmare before Christmas #GetBorisOut

Sadly those of us that warned against the election of a government led by this gigantic fool were ignored by swathes of the population of England. The Clown Minister in Chief won the Tory party leadership election by the following margins. Candidate Members’ vote, Boris Johnson 92, 153 66.4%, Jeremy Hunt 46, 656 33.6%, Spoilt ballots 509 0.4%, Turnout 139, 318 87.4%.

So as you can see dear readers a tiny percentage of the DisUnited Kingdom voted for the Charlatan In Chief! And each and everyone of our fellow citizens are now having to live with the consequences of the actions of a tiny minority of Tory (Get Brexit Done) members for the foreseeable future. I wonder if we will hear the Murdo complaining about the unfairness of this voting system in the way he has about the Scottish Parliamentary voting system. I doubt it somehow.

In recent days the Bishop of St David’s in Wales has been forced to apologise for tweeting “Never Trust A Tory!” I’m sure that there are honest and caring Tory party members (see above. as a third voted for Jeremy Hunt) the lesser of two evils.

I get exactly what the now chastised Bishop was saying. As a child I was aware that my own parents voted Tory. Why they did this I never could fathom, but each to their own and it was quite entertaining to be known as the little Russki even when at school for having the audacity to opine that maybe the Tories weren’t the best for protecting the interests and life chances of people like my family.

Decades later we have seen the red wall in England turn blue and current polling suggests that if there were to be a general election in the near future the much married one would be returned to government with an even bigger majority. And talking of the much married one and continuing the musical theme, my all time favourite artist the great Bob Dylan turned 80 recently. As the story broke of the secret marriage ceremony the track, Idiot Wind, blew through my head so often I was convinced that ear worms do indeed exist. Marry in haste repent at leisure an age old saying will no doubt be true in this case. In life as a rule, we tend to get what we deserve both in government and in marriage choices. Was the secret service a distraction from the evidence of Dom Dastardly? Only time will tell. Having listened to some of his evidence, there are a couple of conclusions that can be drawn. He is either telling the truth which I strongly believe is the case, or he is a liar. Either way it begs the question, why was this man ever allowed anywhere near government’s inner circle and what else does he have on the Non PM. Answers on an eye test chart can be sent to me at your convenience readers.

We in Scotland do have some hope. We have the Parliament we voted for and definitely deserve. We have a First Minister who is open and transparent and works tirelessly to try and guide our country through the pandemic to the best of the Scottish Government’s abilities. As I’ve previously commented in my blogs, how much better we could have managed if our actions had not been curtailed by Wastemonster.

For any reader who hasn’t already watched it, our own MSP Jim Fairlie made a standout speech in Holyrood this week. He spoke from the heart about the kind of society we all want for our children and young people. They are the future and everything must be done to ensure that they are educated and well equipped for their future lives. Jim’s plans for what can be done in schools were outstanding and already occurring in local schools in our area. Jim wants every child to understand where food comes from, how it is grown and how to turn it into a nutritious meal. Compare and contrast with the Tory regime shamed into action by Marcus Rashford. The Tory government grudged children food whilst they are happy to squander in excess of £200 million on a new vanity project. The yacht will be used to traverse the seas, desperately seeking the all elusive perfect trade deal. Never mind the trade deals we had with our nearest European neighbours which were torn asunder on the Brexit Bonfire. How long before the scales fall from the blind Brexiteers eyes. From fishing to farming from healthcare to hospitality, the insidious tentacles of Brexit are infesting our lives. I did feel a certain sense of schadenfreude when arch Brexiteer Tim Martin started crying into his warm ale at the lack of EU workers available to work in his hostelries.

I need more EU staff he bleats. All I can say is lucky the EU citizens that aren’t working for him.

However flowers and other crops are rotting in the field as there are no workers to harvest the produce. How long will it be before the Tory pensioner catchers come to a town near you and round us all up to go and pick the raspberries in return for our pittance of a state pension. Yes we all know the UK state pension is a world leader in being one of the worst in the world. Not for us mere mortals a gilt edged Cayman Islands’ fund. We work hard all our lives for a pittance, while the fat cats get the cream. This is Tory Brexit Britain and I for one want no part of it.

Scotland is a fairer place and has a more equal society but one hand is tied behind her back. We don’t have the power to borrow money like every small independent country in the world. Only with full independence can we achieve this potential and I’m also glad to note that our own Jim Fairlie referred to independence in his maiden speech. The pandemic has put much of our lives and aspirations on hold. but it can’t last forever. As sure as night follows day there will be a time in the not too distant future when thoughts and actions turn wholeheartedly to Independence.

I for one look forward to that day!