Boris JohnsonIt’s just over two years since The Sleaze Party won the 2019 general election. England overwhelmingly supported the non UK PM as many in the Red Wall area lent their votes to the Sleaze Party who campaigned on the sole premises of Get Brexit Done and Levelling Up the country. At that time many foolishly believed the lies spouted. What’s happened since then has exposed the bare faced lies.

The country remains as unequal as ever. Surprise surprise. Brexit isn’t done and likely never will be. The only success story so far is the Northern Ireland Protocol. The Sleaze Party want to end this for the simple reason that it can’t be seen that Northern Ireland which voted remain will do better with the protocol then other parts of the DisUnited Kingdom that don’t have the trading advantages that the Protocol provides.

Scotland where there was an overwhelming remain majority are denied these advantages and as a result our businesses are suffering. Enough is enough. How much longer must we suffer from Tory shambolic mismanagement?

As if the consequences of the Tory driven hard Brexit weren’t bad enough to bare the total mishandling of Covid by the Clown Minister has got to be the final straw that broke the camels back.

No one at that time could have foreseen the appalling consequences as the Covid pandemic spread throughout the world. It rapidly became apparent what was required to be done. However the UK was slow and reluctant to act. Their mantra as befits the Party of greed was undoubtedly wealth before health. Many small independent countries have fared well in their fight to stem the spread of disease and minimise deaths of their citizens. The DisUnited Kingdom sadly is not one of those fortunate countries.

Right from the start serial incompetence, dither and delays and outright lies have been apparent for all to see. Just when we in Scotland thought things couldn’t possibly get any worse we have #Partygate.
(Credit Andrew Lloyd Webber)
“Oh what a circus oh what a show
The UK has gone to the dogs
With the leadership of the giant Tory Clown
We all are angry he needs to resign”.

But we all know he won’t resign. The man had no morals or sense of shame. While his staff laughed and joked about the party or non party hundreds of our fellow citizens mourned the loss of loved friends and family members. Many were denied the opportunity to see their dying relatives at the end of life and this horror was further compounded as funeral services were held online. The majority of us made sacrifices so that life could be preserved and some day soon return to some semblance of normal pre-pandemic life. Now as a new wave of mutated virus threatens our progress, what every country needs is firm and trusted leadership. That leader is not the UK non PM.

The UK is like a rudderless vessel and its people cast adrift to the ravages of storm covid. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have all introduced extra measures to protect their citizens. I feel for the people in little England, especially those that see the Clown in Chief for what he is. Any attempts for extra protection measures to be bought in will be met with scepticism as people will rightly ask why there’s one rule for us but another rule for those in Downing Street.

With this fiasco as with so much else that’s gone wrong for the Sleaze Party, the Scottish Tory Twig MPs are noticeable by their silence. Where are the howls of outrage from Twig Party leader Dross. The branch doesn’t fall far from the tree as he is currently being investigated for non-declaration of income. It’s obviously the Tory way. Never trust a Tory!

In no particular order we have had Tory sleaze, Covid protocol breaches, betrayal of Afghanistan citizens, cover ups relating to the Grenfell Tower tragedy, attempts at overturning the Human Rights Act and, to cap it all, they are now trying to make their sleazy government exempt from challenges in Court.

Abandon hope all who are currently in the DisUnited Kingdom.

Recent polls have shown an uptick in support for Scottish Independence. Polls are all well and good and can be a source for optimism however we are still battling through the pandemic and who knows what the New Year will hold.

As Christmas approaches and a New Year beckons, we must all hold firm. We in Scotland have much to be glad about. We have an excellent, trustworthy and empathetic First Minister. We have a Scottish Government that works for and not against our people. We have MSPs and MPs that are not mired in sleaze and that work hard to represent their constituents. We have an active Almond and Earn SNP branch and an active and well attended Perthshire South and Kinross SNP Constituency Association. The recent SNP conference was a beacon of light and hope in these dismal times. Great resolutions and policies that will make our country the fair and welcoming place we all want and deserve to live in. Rome wasn’t built in one day and the work to fashion Scotland as we would like it to be won’t happen overnight either. Presently with devolution we can only go so far and only full independence will allow our full aspirations to be met.

There are a number of things we can all do to further our aims of Scottish Independence meantime.

Working together as team SNP each one of us can play a part in the bigger picture. Make your voices heard with friends and family, in local media and on social media. In May we need to ensure that Perth and Kinross Council turns SNP. By ousting the Tories in our own and other council areas the message will be clear. Scotland does not want nor need the toxic Tories.

The last two years have been exceptional for all the wrong reasons. We can but hope that as 2022 approaches, better times are coming.

I wish all readers a Happy and Peaceful Christmas season and a Guid New Year when it arrives.

Liz Lowrey