As most of you already know, sadly we now have 3 Conservative Councillors not representing us in our area.

I know this will be very disappointing news for everyone who worked so hard to get our excellent candidate Michelle Frampton elected.

Michelle Frampton was a candidate totally unknown to the electorate until campaigning began and as you will see from the statistical information provided below Michelle did extremely well which puts her on a great footing for success in 2022. From this we can all take heart.

A big thank you to all members who helped in Michelle Frampton’s campaign.

Turnout was 3573, which is 45.2%.
The quota was 1779.
The results were:
SNP: 1,327 (37.1%)
Lab: 143 (4%)
Lib: 267 (7.4%)
Con: 1819 (50.9%)

We were 41 votes away from taking it to a second redistribution.

Compared to last time (2017), Tories are down 8.7% and the SNP are up 7.5%.

Liz Lowrey Membership Secretary Almond and Earn Branch