Jim Fairlie SNP

Jim Fairle, SNP

For the Scottish Parliament elections on Thursday, 6 My 2021, Jim Fairlie is the SNP candidate for Perthshire South and Kinross-shire.

Striving for Independence, Jim Fairlie is founder of Scotland’s first farmers market and co-founder of Farmers4Yes.

“If farmers do want a champion in their corner, who better than someone who chose to come into the industry and then dedicated 30 years of their life to it?”

Read more from Jim Fairlie in this article in The Scottish Farmer: Who will be the genuine farmers’ voice at Holyrood?

17/02/21 “Huge thanks to everyone who contributed to my fundraiser. We smashed through the target. Every penny will be spent helping us retain this seat for ⁦‪the SNP‬⁩, building the majority that delivers a referendum and gives us an Independent Scotland”.

The fundamental part of Scotland’s recovery from the coronavirus is leaving Westminster rule and building a better country following independence.