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Dear Almond and Earn SNP  Member,

Last year Nicola Sturgeon appointed Keith Brown to lead the new SNP independence campaign. On 17 January in Edinburgh Keith said “Independence activists should not wait for the starting gun for the second referendum, but should be campaigning positively and politely now.”

As a first response, a group of activists, made up primarily of SNP members, is undertaking a project to open a YES Hub for Perth & Kinross in Perth City Centre by late Spring 2019. A Company Limited by Guarantee has been formed to manage the venture professionally.

The Perth & Kinross YES Hub, which will be located in a central shopping street, will be a resource for the whole of the area, helping to supercharge the new independence campaign in various ways.

It will disseminate pro-independence arguments and data, operate a retail shop and general fund-raising facility, provide a free meeting place for SNP and other groups, and act as a drop-in, training, information and campaigning centre for all independence supporters.

It’s very much hoped that, once established, the Hub will act as a catalyst for the creation of other Hubs around Perth & Kinross.

At present Perth & Kinross is a vacuum for YES Hubs. Angus, by comparison, has four.

To succeed, this project needs support from SNP members. This might take several forms:

Supporting the project financially with a monthly Standing Order. We aim to secure enough money in monthly Standing Orders to enable us to sign a 12-month lease on our premises. Standing Order donors will be entitled to become voting members of the company, giving them a stake in the future of the Hub.

Making a one-off financial donation to assist with set-up and other costs.

Joining the Management Team to help run the company and promote its activities.

Helping to staff the Hub when it is opened. We anticipate organising three-hour shifts, with a minimum of two people on the premises, from Tuesday to Saturday.

Donating equipment, furniture or other materials to assist with ‘shopfitting’.

The Perth & Kinross Hub project is by far the most important SNP independence campaign programme in the area at the present time. It applies some of the lessons we learned in 2014, by enabling us to build up our structures in advance so that we can enter the next campaign running, whatever date is chosen for the Referendum.

If you wish to help, please contact:

Mary Baxter, Treasurer, at
or Alan Murdoch, Vice Chair, at .