Covid MaskI’m not a scientist dear readers or a medical expert but I can see a looming disaster as easily as the next person. The definition of insanity attributed to Albert Einstein is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.This seems to be a prerequisite for being a Tory Party leader. How I long for the Halcyon daze of the Maybot May. Whilst being a figure of ridicule, no matter how ridiculous her actions seemed at the time, I believe she was basically a misguided individual who bore no malice to her fellow human beings. She certainly did not advocate policies designed to cause maximum harm to the most vulnerable in society.

This week I watched in horror as the giant Clown of Downing Street announced to the country (England) that all corona virus restrictions would cease in the near future. As if by magic a deadly disease that has blighted the world for eighteen months will magically vanish due to English exceptionalism. Yes that’s right folks it’s now in our own hands. The UK government in effect has abdicated all responsibility. I could not believe my ears. Although the vaccine rollout has without doubt been a great success there are still many amongst the young who are not fully protected.

Many of these young folks work in areas where contact with the public is commonplace and also many have to use public transport. Additionally although very effective the vaccine is not a guarantee for us that have been doubled jabbed that we won’t get infected. Personally I will continue to wear a mask and take all reasonable precautions to protect myself and my fellow citizens for the foreseeable future.

It will be interesting to see if the Clown PM has a driver wearing a mask after the alleged “Freedom Day” Watch this space but somehow I don’t see it. Having got rid of Matt (the scapegoat) Hancock we now have a Health Secretary in England who is bullish and cavalier with the health and life prospects of the people of England. I fear that he will be a threat to the English NHS and would not be surprised if privatisation accelerates.

I, like most people in the UK and indeed in Scotland, want life to return to normal or as near normal as it can be whilst a deadly pandemic continues to rampage through the world. By removing the legal requirement to end mask wearing in England and also the need for social distancing the Tory non government are repeating and adding to their catalogue of errors that has led to the UK being one of the most badly affected countries in the world.

They were too late to lockdown as the pandemic started in 2020, they promoted the ridiculousness of eat out to catch covid, they were too late to lockdown last autumn and winter and finally having promoted the benefit of controlling our own borders they allowed the Delta variant to enter when all the evidence suggested that this would result in a massive third wave of infection. The cost of a post Brexit trade deal with India will be misery for all who voted for Boris and Brexit!

In my opinion it’s herd immunity by stealth and totally insidious in its nature. What will it take for these people who are supposed to represent their constituents to see that the majority of people even in England do not wish to jeopardise the health of the many for the good of the minority fringe?

Brexit has emboldened a group of people who firmly believe that I’m alright Jack is the way forward.

We see this in the way migrants are vilified for trying to escape a life of danger and poverty in their homeland. We see it in the way the sovereignty of Parliament is under attack. We see it in the desire to curtail the right to peaceful protest. And most acutely for us in Scotland we see the overt threat to our Parliament and our democracy.

I read with great interest the excellent presentation on unconscious bias which has been put out by our Equalities Officer. Unconscious bias is something we are all guilty of. I make no secret that I’ve been biased against Tory ideology for my entire adult life . What started in the 1970s with Thatcher the milk snatcher shaped my beliefs that a society must function for the benefit of all and not for the benefit of those that would walk over their fellow men and women to further their own ends .

The film Titanic amplifies this where the rich rushed to the lifeboats pushing aside women, children and men, fellow humans who had the misfortune to be in carriage class.

Of course this would not have been a problem if there had been a competent captain and adequate lifeboats for all.Can you see the similarity with the present day? The captain of the UK is a fool and the life rafts of our NHS are overburdened already due to years of neglect by subsequent Tory governments.

The financial crisis was not caused by you or me dear readers but by the greed of a small number of individuals who put their own needs and agendas ahead of the rest of us. Time and time again this happens. How long can we accept this? In Scotland we are moving to a focus on a wellbeing economy where wellbeing of us all is more important than the financial interest of a select few.

Some of the most happy countries in the world are our Scandinavian neighbours . It is within our ability to emulate those places but there is one thing holding us back. The spectre of the broken Union still looms large and in spite of the best efforts of our Scottish government it is hard to progress forward when we are trapped on the sinking vessel of the UK.

Unlike the poor carriage class passengers trapped on the Titanic we have the means and ability to reach solid ground safely. We have an excellent captain in the form of our First Minister and I’m certain as Scotland moves toward our independence there will be adequate lifeboats and space for all that wish to join and make their homes here in our lovely country.

by Liz Lowrey

Image by Juraj Varga from Pixabay