Branch Members, AUOB Edinburgh March, 5 October 2019

Setting off from Perth on the 2 Yes Perth City buses, Almond & Earn branch members were keeping fingers crossed for a dry day.

Sadly, the weather turned wet shortly after the march started, but the rain didn’t dampen the enthusiasm.

Beth Straker, Gordon Mair, Peter Glennie and Carol Mair marched along with friends while Almond & Earn members, Wilma Lumsden, Tom and Betty Angus, Lewis Nicoll, Sheena Murphy, Gordon Griffiths, Ro Bell, and others were elsewhere in the crowd.

Arriving at The Meadows, drenched to the skin, all had the pleasure of listening to speeches from Joanna Cherry and co., compered by Hardeep Singh Koli.

Henry Anderson, Convener of the branch, was hard at work on the John McLean 100 stall, which had lots of interest throughout the afternoon.

Of course there is controversy about numbers; impossible to tell accurately how many folk there were when they are all moving, and not all visible at the same time.

But did it really matter if there were 200,000 or only 100,000? On a rainy day in Edinburgh, a huge amount of men, women and children – and their dogs – once again marched peacefully and cheerfully, to show the world that we are determined to reclaim our independence, and we will keep on marching and campaigning and voting SNP until we do.

Report and photos from Carol Mair and Wilma Lumsden. Click on any image below to bring up a larger one. Click on the X top right to close.