Fast approaching is the Yes marching season, with the opening “All Under One Banner” march and rally of 2019 taking place in Glasgow on Saturday 4 May. It should be a spectacular occasion, with a full-throated Yes movement making it crystal clear to politicians of *all* parties that there’s not only an ‘appetite’ for independence, but a defiant, ravenous hunger that grows more urgent by the day. We’ve got further details about the day HERE Opens in new tab/page.

If you’d like to join us on the Yes Perth City coach (return fare just £12), please make sure you sign up at our Eventbrite page as soon as you can. Link opens in new tab/page.

There are various other events taking place over the next few weeks and months, and you can read about them – the ones we know about, anyway – on our What’s On list Link opens in new tab/page.

If you’re aware of an event that’s not on the list, please drop us a line to tell us and we’ll include it. We expect to have some more events of our own to add to it in the next few days.

The *Perth & Kinross Yes Hub* project is continuing to make progress, and we’ll have a further update on that soon. After about six weeks of fund-raising it’s received pledges that take it (roughly) halfway to where it needs to be to rent very basic premises, but it would be fair to say that the more financial support it can generate, the better the premises it can afford! If you haven’t yet made a pledge, and would like to, here’s the pledge form. Link opens in new tab/page.
If for any reason you can’t access it, let us know and we’ll send a hard copy.

Finally, as a parting shot, here’s a wee treat: the Independence Live video of a recent ‘Clackmannan Conversations’ event in Dollar with Keith Brown MSP talking to Belgrano ‘whistleblower’ Clive Ponting and former Royal Navy pilot Colin Milne about British state secrecy. Link opens in new tab/page.

Click HERE to visit the Yes Perth City Facebook page. Opens in new tab/page.