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A bright, crisp, winter’s day brought the Almond & Earn activists out in the north of this big branch of ours. Bitterly cold though it was, the A&E team swept through Methven, Almondbank, and Huntingtowerfield, accompaning our Westminster candidate John Nicolson.

Speaking to local business people and folk on their doorsteps, John reported at the A & E branch meeting later in the day that he had found an overwhelmingly positive attitude towards the SNP. However, he reminded us that the job is not done yet, and there has to be a lot more work put in to guarantee success on Polling Day.

Thanking volunteers for coming out to help raise the SNP profile on such a cold day, John enjoyed the chance to mingle and chat with our members while having a cup of tea. Before he left, he was presented with a specially painted ‘Yes Slate’, by our local Yes Stones artist Beth Straker. (from our Special Correspondent)

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