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…the question relentlessly persists: how much longer can this go on?

QUOTE, Yes Perth City communication

In the House of Commons, a set of indicative votes on Brexit, preceded by the now expected heckling of and disrespect for the SNP, ended with the ultimate outcome as unclear as ever. With the clock ticking remorselessly, the Prime Minister seems embarked on an impossible dream and the threat of No Deal – with only a non-binding vote recorded against it – remains as real as ever.

Meanwhile, in the Scottish Parliament, albeit at the eleventh hour, co-operation prevailed and a deal was reached on the Scottish Budget – not that the Unionist parties could claim any credit for it. Their contribution, particularly that of the Labour Party, was excellently summed up in The National by Lesley Riddoch, while Angus Robertson forensically set out the reason why Holyrood, for all its faults and irritants, is light years ahead of the broken Westminster system.

Against this background the question relentlessly persists: how much longer can this go on? When will the referendum trigger be pulled? We know that the First Minister expects to address the Brexit fallout ‘within weeks’, but in truth nobody can say exactly what will happen and when.

What we do know is that we need to work to be ready. This week we’ll meet as a Steering Group to put together the outline plan of the next few months’ activities, which we’ll present to the Supporters’ Meeting at the Salutation Hotel on Sunday 17 February – with the caveat that we may have to escalate those plans fairly quickly. At the same time the Perth & Kinross Yes Hub team, including some Yes Perth City folk, is steadily making its way round SNP branches and Yes groups to introduce the project and seek support. You’ll hear more about that, too, at the Salutation Hotel in Perth on 17.02.2019.

Individually it’s important that we all keep open the lines of communication with friends, family and colleagues who might be persuaded to vote Yes, listen to what they’re saying and reassure them about any doubts they may have. There’s significant anecdotal evidence from all round the country that people are becoming more open to the idea of independence – how could it be otherwise, given the Brexit bourach? – so we need to be alive to that and do everything we can to encourage them.

Meanwhile, the winter chill isn’t keeping people away from meetings. This week, for example, Common Weal Perth & Kinross managed to pack 30 people into Blend Coffee Lounge for a talk by Constitutional Commission chair John Drummond. The pace over the next few weeks shows no sign of slackening, and you can catch a flavour of coming events in the latest ‘What’s On’ listing. Remember, if you find out about anything of interest that’s planned, do drop us a line and we’ll include it – don’t assume we already know about it!

We’d like to highlight just one meeting from this week’s listing, organised by our local SNP parliamentary representatives:
This one, as you can see, is aimed squarely at EU nationals, in an attempt to give them as much useful information as possible to help them through the blizzard of uncertainty to which Brexit is subjecting them. Please do make sure that any of your family, friends or colleagues who are EU nationals are aware of the event and encourage them to go along.

Yes Perth City Steering Group