Liz Lowrey writes. The last couple of weeks have been extraordinary. Perhaps finally there is a glimmer of hope for the USA in particular and as a result the world and human kind in general. Additionally the news of a covid vaccine has been hailed as the breakthrough we have all been waiting for in order for a return to some sense of normality. Scientists worldwide have been working to achieve this goal and for this we must all hold a debt of gratitude for their endeavours.

However closer to home things are far from rosy. Whilst support for the SNP and Independence shows no signs of abating we must not become complacent. As we were told as children today’s news is tomorrow’s fish and chip wrapping and now must surely be the time for all to ensure that our fortunes continue to improve. Polls come and go and we are only ever as good as the next poll result so it is vital that momentum is maintained .

The UK continues to veer on a course that can be best illustrated by the Carry On Films so prevalent in the UK in earlier decades. These films belong to a bygone age when it was acceptable to mock all aspects of life which now only the minority would find acceptable.These films ceased to be made some time ago but jump to the present day where things in the UK are far from acceptable and something is definitely very rotten in the state of No 10.

The bromance of Cummings and Johnston is dead  According to various serious political journalists and reporters who really need to try harder and know better it was Carrie who dealt the fatal blow. The UK Prime Minister who did not die in a ditch as he had previously promised has instead perhaps suffered a more mortal wound – only time will tell if the demise of Cummings heralds the end of Boris as Prime Minister. Why should we care ? Will it make a difference to the Brexit outcome? Will Boris finally discover that he does actually have a heart.?

Dominic Cummings was a disrupter. His primary function in his rather sad life was to destroy what most of us regard as fundamental norms followed by human kind who want to live in a decent and equitable society. What started with the Brexit lies and misinformation was bad enough and caused untold damage as is evidenced as we lurch ever closer to the cliff edge of a no deal Brexit. Whether a deal is secured at the eleventh hour, and I am an eternal optimist, it will in no way compensate for the loses caused by leaving the EU. Such a shame that we all have to suffer this until we become independent.

However it took a full scale health crisis to expose how dangerous Dominic really was.The Prime Minister who no doubt attributed his general election success in December 2019 as down to Dominic allowed himself to be led by a man who does not appear to have an emphatic bone in his body. From the much commented upon policy of herd immunity to the blatant disregard for the lockdown and travel rules everything that was done by this disrupter has undermined attempts to stem the coronavirus and also hampered public trust in the UK. governments strategy.

Now the disrupter is gone untold damage has been caused so one wonders what changed .

Through out the entire Barnard Castle fiasco Boris clung to Dominic like a limpet and a barnacle clinging to rock. An interesting fact so is that although herbivorous limpets have a tendency to devour the young barnacles. Can anyone see where I’m going yet ? Indeed the corruption of the toxic No 10 machinery has finally started to eat itself from within.

Was this the reason that Carrie wanted the disrupter gone? Surely it can’t just have been the absurd nickname which I won’t justify by repeating but I’m sure we have all seen it elsewhere.

What ever reason given for the departure of Dom there are a number of conclusions that can be drawn.

Firstly the Prime Minister is a weak and incompetent man who cannot operate without a coterie of powerful agents about him. Who will replace the team now that the toxic leave camp have left the building? Have they in fact actually left or is this more smoke and mirrors to deceive an unsuspecting public? A week is a long time in politics, but 2020 must surely go down as the longest year most have us have endured in our lifetimes .

This winter we will have a socially distanced Panto season. Many will not happen and some will be shown online. Unhappily for us all we do not need to wait for the season to begin. The farcical Panto season of the UK government is an all year ongoing event that we are seeing on a daily basis.

As a child I did not enjoy Carry On films probably as I was too young to understand the sleekit and nasty innuendos. I must also confess that I was never a fan of Panto. There was something a little scary and even sinister in the whole setup where nothing was as it appeared and the audience was led by the nose to boo for the villain and cheer for the hero.

And there lies the problem with the No 10 situation. Most are glad that the villain Dominic the disrupter has exited stage left. But wait, what’s waiting in the wings? Who will save Princess Carrie? Or will she in fact be a bigger disrupter than what proceeded her.

Whatever ensues in this ongoing saga, one fact cannot be hidden. Elected MPs in Westminster and ultimately the Prime Minister are directly responsible for their actions and will ultimately be accountable to the electorate. Their misdemeanours and bad judgement won’t be forgotten or forgiven by the people of this country. Anything they do now may be of assistance to their cause in the rest of the UK but for Scotland the door is well and truly closed . No amount of Open Sesame will allow them a further toe hold in our country.

As we proceed to independence let’s leave them in the past with their outdated ideas and beliefs .

Let’s allow them to Carry on Regardless. it’s their right and it is the right of Scotland to carry on to our independence.