It’s happened to us all Dear Readers. We see something eye catching, a bargain too good to resist, an offer we can’t refuse, it’s human nature to think we can get something for next to nothing!
How foolish we are. The dream holiday that turned out to be a nightmare, the winter coat that fell to bits, the miracle beauty product that took our skin off. Fortunately these are extreme examples. Luckily for most of us the worst that happens is we end up slightly out of pocket. However a valuable lesson has been learned and with any luck we won’t get fooled again.

We saw in 2014 and again in 2016 that many among us fell for the totally false sales pitches of BetterTogether and Vote Leave. The charlatans that lied shamelessly to our people probably thought they could sell snow to polar bears or sand to camels. A big lie is always easier to pass off than a smaller lie and how we were lied to.

I don’t have buyers regret as I saw through the lies in 2014 and 2016. I don’t have super smart goggles just a naturally held scepticism of pundits more suited to selling dodgy second hand cars then providing convincing arguments as to why we should vote for them and their toxic ideology.

In 2014 everything but the kitchen sink was thrown at the Scottish people. From “lead don’t leave” to the zombie train of UK parliamentarians parading up to Scotland, stay in the UK to stay in the EU and not to mention the now infamous “Vow” the people of Scotland were well and truly conned bonnie. Hindsight of course is a great thing and happily a great number of our citizens won’t make the same mistake again.

As for Brexit least said soonest mended. With Tory and Labour Lite both ardent Brexit supporting parties, there literally is no hope for the DisUnited Kingdom. It’s every man for themselves in this dog eat dog political landscape and the only escape from this nightmare scenario is to have an independent Scotland with the ability to rejoin the EU.

The Party Conference season is almost upon us. We wait with eager anticipation as the Toxic Tories and Lame Duck Labour set out their stalls to sell their false promises and lies to the unsuspecting public.

Only this week we had the unelected PM gas lighting the public with a vengeance. He’s hoping that voters will like his plans to row back on measures to to stop the planet from imploding. The only problem was that a majority of things he claimed to be rowing back on were never going to happen. The Seven Deadly Bins just like the Tory Party were 100% fake. Many of his core support are too old or ignorant to care. Just like those that voted for Brexit to take back the sovereignty that was never lost, they show no regard for future generations. The I’m alright Jack attitude is appalling and endemic in swathes of Tory England. The Tories stoke the culture war against immigrants, the poor, the sick and disabled and of course when their policies fail they blame their failure on the the woke blob. I for one am more than happy to be part of the woke blob. What the Tories and their ilk lack in decency for their fellow citizens like the cape crusader the woke blob will be there to fight for the cause of human decency.

The Lame Duck Labour conference will also be well worth a look. There’s been more twists, turns and flip flops in recent times than a ride on the Blackpool Big Dipper. Workers rights scrapped, climate change only a matter of time, oil and gas who knows probably depends which way the wind is blowing.

And here’s the point Dear Readers, whichever of these two UK parties takes on the role of government following the next election it will be a chill wind blowing in Scotlands direction. That’s why now is the time to insure that we get the maximum possible number of SNP MPs elected to Wastemonster. Failure to do so will be catastrophic for the cause of Independence. Of course the door will not be permanently locked shut but with every passing year that we are not independent the damage done to our country and all who live here will be harder to reverse.

From disastrous mini budgets that hastened the destruction of the economy, a lack of sustainable funding for public services, the systematic destruction of the NHS, an attack on rights to peaceful protest the list of damage caused by the Tory’s is endless and the stakes have never been higher. And guess what folks, Lame Duck Labour have no plans to change any of these policies.

The final agenda for our SNP conference in October will shortly be published. The final list of resolutions to be debated will be known. One thing is certain NOWHERE amongst our resolutions open for debate will be those attacking the poorest in society, the sick, the homeless, the vulnerable, the desperate refugees, the children going to bed cold and hungry, the destruction of our planet. Our SNP resolutions will be aimed at making life better for all.

Even with the limited powers of devolution every attempt has been made by our Scottish Government to make the lives of our citizens better and more fulfilling. A jewel amongst this must surely be the ground breaking child payment hailed worldwide as a game changer in the fight against child poverty.

But caveat emptor citizens of Scotland. Some of you were fooled in 2014 and 2016. A government isn’t just for Christmas but for a potential maximum of 5 long years. If we look at the damage done since 2019, imagine how much more damage can be done in the future.

In 2024 every vote for the SNP is a vote to progress our democratic right to independence. Nothing more nothing less will do. Now is the time to start the preparations.

At every opportunity we must identify and call out the false promises and dodgy sales pitches of both Tory and Labour. Remember the bigger the lie the more likely gullible folks will believe it. We all know people who fall into this category. Now is the time to spread the positive messages of independence and the benefits to us all that independence will bring.

Let’s hope that in 2024 Scotland won’t be suffering from buyer’s remorse in the years following the election.

Liz Lowrey

Image by Alexa from Pixabay

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