Branch Officers

Hamish Coutts, Convener

Photo, Hamish Coutts

Hamish Coutts

Marion Mullan, Depute Convener

Betty Angus, Second Officer

Photo, Betty Angus, extreme left

Betty Angus

Peter Glennie, Treasurer

Photo, Peter Glennie

Peter Glennie, Branch Treasurer

Joanna McKenzie, Organiser

Carol Mair, Secretary and Women’s Officer

Photo, Carol Mair

Carol Mair

Niall Murphy, Political Officer

Photo, Niall Murphy

Niall Murphy

Liz Lowrey, Membership Secretary

→ Born Gibraltar long ago.
→ Studied law at Dundee University.
→ Worked for the Benefits Agency for many years and
      then as a Housing Officer at Perth & Kinross Council.
→ Now retired.
→ Interests – achieving Scotland’s independence. Candle making,
     walking and learning Russian.
→ Greatest Ambition – to live in an independent Scotland.

Photo, Liz Lowrey

Liz Lowrey

Michelle Frampton, Equalities Officer

Photo, Michelle Frampton

Michelle Frampton

Photos from the Archives