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The Almond and Earn SNP branch Annual General Meeting will take place in Pitcairngreen Village Hall on Tuesday, 26 September 2017 AT 7 pm.

This is the meeting at which Officer Bearers for the Branch are nominated for the coming year, and will be chaired by Cllr. Grant Laing.

Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh, our SNP MP in waiting, is giving up her time to come and speak after the business meeting. Tasmina is always very interesting and entertaining. Note: Recent articles in The National include… click HERE Page opens in a new tab.

Feel free to bring family and friends who may be interested in meeting her and hearing from her.

Non branch members will only be able to come into the hall after the AGM finishes at 7:30 pm.
Source: Marion Mullan

♦ Extra #1! Interesting Long Read from this morning’s, 26.09.2017, This island is not for sale: how Eigg fought back. Click HERE to read. Link opens in a new page/tab.

♦ Extra #2! Since 2015 oil crash, Norway made £29 bn while UK lost £23 m. London mismanagement squandered Scottish oil wealth. Norwayy taxed Shell £4.6 bn, UK gave oil gian £179 m. Oil price drop falsely used to attacj independence case.
Source: Sunday Herald, 20.08.2017.