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Hello, everyone.

Led off by the Saor Alba Pipes and Drums, another huge All Under One Banner procession made its way last Saturday from Kelvingrove Park to Glasgow Green, with the Yes Perth City banner, as ever, prominent in the parade. Here it is proudly aloft amongst the saltires, with thanks to eagle-eyed Facebook follower Marty Johnston for the photo.

Thanks to everyone who joined us on the bus from Broxden. We hope you enjoyed your day – and a special round of applause to Ian Massie and Andy Anderson, bus marshals par excellence, and all who assisted them. It was another good-humoured and well behaved march, even in the face of some full-on provocation from the usual knot of Unionist hecklers, and again showed the Yes movement at its positive best.

That the press ignored the positive vibes, and instead scuttled over to its well-worn stash of negative ‘cybernat’ stories, augmented with whatever quotes from SNP figures they could shoe-horn in, suggests very strongly that our opponents are getting rattled. Despite all the slings and arrows, despite occasional social media spats, even despite the authorities’ subsequent heavy-handed treatment of march organiser Manny Singh, the Yes movement is simply not going away.

The next two AUOB marches are in Galashiels on 1 June and Oban on 15 June. Yes Perth City isn’t proposing to run a bus to either of those, since there’s unlikely to be sufficient demand to justify it, but we will keep our ear to the ground to see if any other groups nearby that are operating buses. If they are, and have spaces available, we’ll let anyone who is interested know.

On to coming events, the full list of which can be found here. Our next meeting, to which we’re very much looking forward, is on Tuesday 14 May at the Grampian Hotel, when film scriptwriter, theatrical producer, raconteur and prolific pro-independence blogger Grouse Beater (Gareth Wardell) will be joining us for a conversation about his life, his work and his vision of Scotland’s future. We’ve got a splendid evening in prospect and we hope you can join us for it. It all starts at 7 pm, admission is free and all are welcome.

We’re also looking forward to the next appearance of our Perth city centre street stall, which will be on Saturday 25 May, probably between 10 am and 1 pm. We’ll advise the precise times when we’ve taken account of the craft fair that’ll also be going on in the High Street that day. If you can spare an hour or two to help us, we’ll be delighted to see you – do let us know. If you haven’t been on a street stall before, or haven’t done it very much, don’t worry; there’ll be plenty of ‘old hands’ around to encourage you and answer any questions.

That’s about it for this week. Hope to see you on Tuesday – believe us, it’s not to be missed – or soon.

Best wishes,

Yes Perth City Steering Group