The rain is pouring down this morning. How fitting, then, that a flood of despair and deprivation is washing across the shores of Broken Brexit Britain. It didn’t have to be this way. A combination of incompetent, self-serving Prime Ministers and an electorate in England blind to their flaws has led us all to this sorry state of affairs. And as for the Chancellors some horrors are best left unmentioned. Yet again Scotland and our people are suffering as a result of the self-harming actions of the Tory Brexit fanatics who are prepared to sacrifice all for their ridiculous ideology.

It’s official folks: under the alleged party of low taxation all of us will now pay more tax then at any time since World War 2. Of course, as per the normal Tory misinformation, it’s always someone else’s fault.

Let’s all ignore twelve years of Tory austerity, the grinding down of our NHS along with the erosion of other vital public services and institutions. Let’s ignore the removal of green incentives and the total failure to provide storage for gas. Let’s ignore the festering wound of Brexit. Let’s ignore the disastrous Tufton Street-driven mini-budget. Let’s ignore the democratic right of Scotland’s people to determine their own future.

Pork Market Liz and KamiKwazi didn’t even turn up to the Commons as boogly-eyed Chancellor Hunt led the Tory faithful into a brave new world where Tory manifesto pledges are broken at will. Unsurprisingly all is not well in Tory Clownland. The Ukippers and Brexiteers who infiltrated the Tories are rapidly transferring to Reform U.K., a party so far to the right they perceive the Tory Party as socialist! Without these Brexit fanatics to bolster their numbers the Tory Nasty party will shortly be confined to the dustbin of history. The road to the ruin of the U.K. is littered with despicable Prime Ministerial failures, each more damaging than their predecessor. Who knew that a day would come when Dancing Queen herself, the Wibbly Wobbly Maybot, would seem positively Churchillian in comparison to those who replaced her?

Times are changing fast and sadly for the DisUnited Kingdom, not in a good way. The Good Ship Britannia is rudderless, on the rocks and not a lifeboat to be had – because the Tories sold them off to fund their own coffers and those of their cronies. Many of their ilk have made their own contingency plans, of course. It’s amazing how appealing an EU passport is to those that have removed our fundamental rights to this. But of course the B word must never be mentioned in polite Tory circles. And as for the light pink Tory Starmer it seems that “Brexit” is also the hardest word. What hope for the poor folks in Southern Britain who, like us, did not want to be unceremoniously ripped apart from their biggest trading partners? I suppose their best option would be to move to an Independent Scotland. And certainly all folks looking to escape the land that time forgot and where dinosaurs still rule will be most welcome. Scotland needs immigration and all the benefits that can bring us. However as with so many aspects of our lives we are hamstrung by Westminster and its toxic, xenophobic policies.

Well that’s the bad news folks and believe me it’s all going to get a lot worse. But we do have a ray of hope peeking through the gloom.

Although in an alleged Union of Equals it should never have been necessary, we all await with hope and trepidation the decision of the Supreme Court as to whether or not Holyrood can hold our independence referendum. There are three possible outcomes . Firstly the court will say yes. Secondly the court will say no. Thirdly the court may deem this is not a matter that they can rule on. Whatever the outcome I’m certain that this will re-ignite the independence campaign.

There are already compelling and competent arguments being made – see Scottish Government Website, Believe in Scotland and Business for Scotland. Throughout our country there are many Yes Groups actively campaigning and doing all they can to further the cause. Many of our members are active participants of these Yes Groups, which are not aligned to any particular Party. In this way folks of all political persuasions and none can work together for the unifying cause of Scotland’s independence.

Whilst to me it’s plain as the nose on my face that the SNP is the vehicle driving us towards our Indy destination we should be aware that there are Indy supporters who do not support or even like the SNP. It is vital to achieving our Indy goal we must endeavour to take as many of these folks along with us as possible. They can be safe in the knowledge that in an independent Scotland they will get the government that the majority of our people elect and not be subservient to a UK. party of government that Scotland has rejected for decades.

On Wednesday evening at numerous locations across our country folks of all political persuasion and none will gather. We do not know yet if this will be a celebration or a demonstration of solidarity in the face of a negative outcome from the U.K. Supreme Court . What we do know is that in many European cities our European friends will be standing in solidarity with us. The light has been left on for Scotland to rejoin our fellow Europeans.

There are many reasons why we need independence but it all comes down to one thing. Should decisions about our country be made by a Government here that we have elected, or by a decrepit and decaying Government sitting four hundred miles away in a decrepit and decaying building? Choose Freedom, choose Hope, choose Fairness, choose Equality, choose Sustainability and Well-being but most of all choose Independence for you, your family, friends and generations yet to come.

Onwards to Indy!