Well it’s certainly been an “interesting” few weeks, dear reader. I’m certain that, in decades to come, historians will wax lyrical about the implosion of Broken Brexit Britain. Where did it begin to go so wrong? And more importantly for us in Scotland, when will it end? As the Tragic Tories blindly ignore the ever-growing tsunami of utter destruction inflicted on us all by their toxic, detestable party and its policies we in Scotland can clearly see how much better our country will be once it is finally liberated from Westminster control.

This summer it became apparent, even to the most hardened Tories, that the scandal-magnate previously known as PM was no longer a viable option to lead them or the DisUnited Kingdom. The ensuing circus that followed left the DisUnited Kingdom tossing in a sea of turmoil. The captain deserted the sinking ship of Broken Britannia long before the women and children were anywhere near boarding the life rafts. Finally after much bitterness, bile and nauseating rhetoric from the candidates the deed was done and Liz (who no one trusts) Truss took the prize.

I’m not sure about you, readers, but to me this wasn’t a prize, but rather a poisonous chalice. Starting as she means to go on Trustless Liz has already disrespected huge swathes of our society. I’m pleased to be included as are most right-thinking humans. Who would want to be part of a downward spiral of nastiness aimed at each and everyone of us? Personally I’ve given up listening to the ever-desperate statements from miscellaneous Ministermuppets as they attempt to defend the indefensible and then days – or in some cases hours – later do a screeching U Turn on policies that they had previously been celebrating. One has to feel a modicum of pity for the Scottish Tory leader Dross. But then again maybe not. He reaps what he has sown and his seeds of vile Tory ideology are falling on barren ground. There is no space for Tory values in a civic Scotland. His incessant flip flopping is already coming back to haunt him as even some of his own side appear to want him removed as leader of the Scottish Tory Twig office.

So here we are folks – same old, same old. Blue and Red Tories vying to outdo one another and not a single positive word to say about our beautiful country or the folks who live here. If an alien were to listen to their continuous drivel, ET would definitely be phoning home, and asking Scotty to beam him up pretty dammed quick. One does wonder how folks ever voted for these democracy deniers who fill our parliament at Holyrood. Aw but wait – the majority of Unionista MSPs are only there thanks to the list vote, but to hear them you would think they had all won with thumping majorities rather than winning by default on the list.

As the economy collapsed and the Tories continued to eat themselves I managed to escape to an altogether different universe. Yes folks, I was a first time attendee at the fantastic 2022 SNP conference in Aberdeen. From start to finish it was an experience in how a fully functioning political party operates. The resolutions chosen to be debated demonstrated the best of what is at the heart of our SNP ethos: caring, compassion, equality and the right of each and everyone of us to fulfil our best potential and lead the lives we all deserve. From early education and insuring that all our children receive decent, nutritional food to a rate of pension that will allow us to live rather than merely exist as we enter our more mature years. So much was packed into a few short days that even now I am checking the programme as there’s so much that can be said. There were many young, first time conference speakers with more confidence and ability in formulating their argument than the rabble rousers that pack the front Tory benches at Wastemonster. While Tory’s sneer and shout, our conference speakers were poised and eloquent as they put forward their arguments. It was an utter joy to witness civilised and rational debate.

I have to confess that I had a number of episodes of leaking-eye syndrome. The passion and belief of the resolution speakers as well as the speeches from the various MPs and MSPs were enough to bring tears to a glass eye. Even the tin man would have felt his heart warm as he heard how even now as we are constrained as part of the DisUnited Kingdom every endeavour is being made to protect and enhance the life chances of the most vulnerable in our society.

As has become patently apparent the Tory Party and whoever their leader de jour may be are as useless as the Wizard of Oz. Once the curtain is drawn back there is absolutely nothing of substance to be seen (except perhaps the odd illegal powdery substance….)

The final event and the part I was most looking forward to was the speech from our First Minister. A heart warming and inspirational account as to how far the SNP and our journey to independence has progressed over the decades. So many who supported the cause are sadly no longer with us, however their determination and fight is carried forward daily in each and every one of us. Regardless of the outcome of the Supreme Court decision, our independence is our democratic and sovereign right as citizens of Scotland. The old Bitter Together arguments feel like decades ago as so much has changed in the world since 2014. As is so often pointed out, democracy did not stop in 2014. Our First Minister is an accomplished and passionate speaker who is totally committed to making our country the best and most equal country for us all. She is an inspiration to each and everyone of us with her passion and dedication to good governance of our land. We can only imagine how much more can be achieved when Scotland becomes an independent nation.

A new age is dawning. The end of the long road travelled is in sight. Working together in whatever way we can we can follow on the work of generations who went before us. When our grandchildren ask us “What did you do in the run up to 2023”, we can proudly reply we kept the independence torch burning brightly as we are the current Generation Indy. Onwards, to Freedom!

Liz Lowrey