Liz Lowrey

Liz Lowrey

As autumn approaches and many of our fellow citizens fear for their future, Independence supporters can at least have a degree of comfort in knowing that the current situation is unsustainable on every level.

The DisUnited Kingdom is broken, smashed to smithereens. All the kings men couldn’t put broken Brexit Britain back together again. All the superglue in the world cannot repair the fractured and dis functional Union that is long past it’s best by date. That it has come to this is due in no small part to the far right Tory Brexit.

Brexit was always a poor idea, pumped up by “sovereignty mate “ and by the multiple lies espoused by Vote Leave. The masses in England, just like turkeys, voted for Christmas. The liar in chief, the scruffy blancmange soon to be ex leader of the nasty party, promised to get Brexit done. Well how’s that working out for all those that hung on his every word and believed him. As they freeze in their houses and struggle to put food on the table I’m sure the warm glow of Brexit will be as much use to them as a chocolate fire guard.

This leads to the next major cause of the future breakup of the DisUnited Kingdom.

While there is no doubt that the war in Ukraine is a contributing factor to our current difficulties it is apparent that compared to similar EU countries it’s bad old Blighty that’s been disproportionately affected. Why I hear you ask? Year upon year of Tory austerity politics, a very deliberate choice, and subsequent mismanagement and neglect of all the basic pillars required to sustain a functioning society.

From chronic underfunding of the NHS to excrement in the water, the Tory party have a lot to answer for. And where are they? The liar in chief had time for photo ops in Ukraine whilst the citizens of the DisUnited Kingdom scream for help.

The leadership contenders in the race to the bottom are frantically trying to outdo each other as to who can be the most populist. Having listened in to some of the debates we should all be very afraid. The lines they are espousing are straight out of the Trump handbook. From picking on minority oppressed groups, to glibly acknowledging that they wouldn’t hesitate to use nuclear weapons, I fear for the DisUnited Kingdom and also for the world. Loose tongues are extremely dangerous in times of heightened political tension and not only are they poking the Russian bear whilst simultaneously benefiting from Russian funding they are also alienating our EU allies and, closer to home, showing total disrespect for the leaders of the devolved Nations.

In 2014 the Bitter Together side of Tory, Labour, LibDem and UKIP formed an unholy alliance. I see recently that their Twitter feed hasn’t been deactivated. Never ones for truth or attention to detail there in black and white are all the lies and scaremongering laid bare for all to see. From “lead don’t leave”, to “you won’t get your pension granny”, I doubt that one among them believed what they were spouting. Sadly many of our fellow citizens did. However as democracy does not stop at a fixed point in time there are many who voted no in 2014 and now see through the tissue of lies they were told. Hindsight is a great thing and gives folks the opportunity to move forward in a positive way.

There are still many of our citizens who are undecided about the benefits of independence. It’s not enough to show how much of a failure the DisUnited Kingdom has become. We must persuade with positive messaging which sets out the benefits of being a small and prosperous country where the well being of our citizens will take priority over huge profits for Tory donors.

For Scotland there is hope of rejoining the EU family of nations. For the rest of the U.K., not so much. Why would our friends in Europe want to readmit a troublesome spoilt brat of a country that had never fully participated in being a part of this great organisation. Like an angry toddler the U.K. and it’s politicians of all persuasions blame the EU for our current problems. If I choose to leave my local health club how can I expect to receive all the perks of members? Whilst the rest of Europe enjoys the facilities the DisUnited Kingdom, like the little match girl, can only look longingly through thewindow, freezing in the cold.

And cold it will be for our citizens come winter. When our Scottish councils are looking to provide warm public spaces for those that cannot afford to heat their homes, we must ask ourselves how much longer can we remain part of such a cruel Britannia. Even the food banks are getting empty as folks who would once donate are struggling to feed themselves, A winter of discontent is coming and it’s coming fast. From this the case for independence can only grow.

Already many are leafleting, holding stalls and providing useful and accurate facts to make the case for independence. As we wait impatiently for the outcome of the Supreme Court verdict on whether the democratically elected government of our country can hold a referendum to determine our future, we must not be despondent . With each passing day the world is watching the U.K.,it’s leaders and their antics. How then will the world react to a denial of the right of our people to become independent? When countries throughout the world celebrate their independence days, we see numerous supportive platitudes from Blue and Red Tories, who fail to see the irony of denying us in Scotland that same right.

As the nights start to draw in let us look to the future. Hard times are ahead for us all but working together we can achieve the country we desire and deserve.

Liz Lowrey