Bridge of Earn

I recently took a slow walk around my home village and I wanted to share some of my observations with you.

The area around Cargill’s Motors in Main Street is hazardous for pedestrians and drivers. Vehicles are parked on pavements and the grass verge restricting the easy flow of traffic – and on a bus route!

I applaud and support the 20mph maximum speed limit initiative in Main Street and Edinburgh Road, but my feeling is that some drivers do not. Have the Council considered an early warning sign to inform motorists that they are approaching a reduced speed limit zone? Perhaps “20” painted on the road surface at suitable points would help compliance. Has any monitoring taken place since the limit was imposed?

A big disappointment is the condition of the Bridge over the Earn at the entrance from the Perth side. Many chunks of masonry have become dislodged from the parapet leaving exposed wire supports. Some masonry is still crumbling and can only get much worse. This creates a very poor image of the village and action needs to be taken now to improve the bridge’s appearance. Fortunately, many locals spend their time and money decorating the bridge with flower boxes – their interest contrasting with the Council’s lack of interest.

The empty former Doctors’ Surgery is another unsatisfactory aspect of Bridge of Earn.

I completed my walk at the excellent and well cared-for walled Garden facility on Wicks’ o Baiglie Road, right beside the new and very welcome Ember electric ‘bus stop (Dundee/ Edinburgh service). Perhaps I missed some other village positives, but doing something about the above 4 concerns of mine would be appreciated.


John O’Brien