Send In The Clowns

Liz Lowrey

Liz Lowrey

And so the non-PM of the Disunited Kingdom lingers on, with all the panache of a slowly deflating balloon. I feel only a modicum of pity for the electorate that listened to and believed his lies. Lie number one – there never was an oven-ready Brexit deal. Brexit isn’t even half-baked, let alone done! Taxes have gone up as bills soar and wages are cut in real terms. Levelling-up funding is predominantly being allocated to wealthier Tory areas. The promises made in the 2019 Tory manifesto turned out to be just like the ex-Tory leader – fat, fatuous and fake.

I’m sure by now there are many enraged, red-faced voters in the Red Wall areas. Hindsight is a great thing and I’m certain that many have a fair share of buyers’ remorse. But the damage has been done and, for many in the DisUnited Kingdom, may be irreparable. In a similar vein the Tory MPs and party members who elected the giant buffoon to the greatest office of state need to take a long hard look at themselves. Inevitably, his lies finally caught up with him. Suddenly the Jolly Japes of Johnson were no longer amusing. Last Thursday the house of cards finally collapsed as the Toxic Tory Party turned on Big Dog. Was this done from any sense of rightness or moral decency? Absolutely not – this was simply the rats deserting the sinking ship.

As we enjoyed the summer solstice who could have predicted that for the non-PM it would soon all be over, not with a bang but a whimper. As our thoughts turned to enjoying our holidays, the knives were out and being sharpened to finally lance the boil that has inflicted so much damage on each and every one of us. Beware the Ides of Disgruntled Tories. “Infamy, infamy, they all have it in for me” said the Great Pretender PM in his resignation speech. However as I write the Great Pretender still remains within the confines of his expensively wall-papered flat. As normal with an entitled narcissist it was everyone else’s fault. A pathetic man with an overinflated ego finally called to right. Never since The Shining has one dwelling displayed such vulgar taste and such a despicable inhabitant.

As the Tory party continues the process of eating itself we can only look on in shock and horror as the DisUnited Kingdom has no functioning government. As fellow citizens struggle daily with the Conservative cost of living crises, we have weeks of Tory infighting to suffer before the heir apparent takes the Throne. For the third time in under six years a non-PM will be inflicted on Scotland, selected by a gaggle of right wing Brexit supporting Tory MPs. In total six Tory Twig Office MPs represent areas in Scotland. One third are not afraid to declare who they will support, no doubt hoping for a leg up the greasy pole of political life if their choice succeeds. That leaves four shy Scottish Tory MPs too embarrassed to declare which one of the far right Brexit sup contenders they will back. No doubt the Tory Twig leader in Scotland is afraid of having to flip flop again. This seems to be the only talent Dross possesses.
It’s Groundhog Day for us in Scotland but unlike the charming film where the hero finally realised how to be a better person there are no apparent signs of a Damascene conversion from any of the Tories. Their only mantra to date is to stop our right to self determination at all costs. Regardless of who becomes leader one thing is certain – they will not have Scotlands interests at heart. There are calls for an early general election. However, whether it be Tory-light Labour or the not so liberal LibDems the U.K. parties have absolutely nothing to offer us.

For many in the Disunited Kingdom, these are the worst of times. But for us in Scotland the best of times are rapidly approaching. The Indy wagon is back on the road and unlike the failing UK our Indy wheels are firmly fixed on the path to Independence. In a bold move our First Minister has seized the initiative and laid down the gauntlet. If we are indeed a nation of equals how can the larger party hold us hostage in a union that is slowly ruining our beautiful country and damaging the life chances of all our citizens?

That’s right folks – Tory’s make us sick. From the mishandling of the pandemic response, to welfare cuts afflicting pain, hardship and misery on the most vulnerable the Tories are a plague on society.

An independent Scotland will focus on a well-being economy where wealth is not just measured by the money in the coffers of a privileged few. Scotland has the natural resources and talent to build a great country fit for purpose, a country that we can all be proud of and enjoy the benefits of living in.

Our path will not be an easy one. To date I’ve yet to hear a positive case for remaining in the Toxic Union. However, the pro-Union forces are circling the wagons in a last stand to prevent Independence. It is the duty of every one of us to do all we can to promote the cause of Independence in whatever way we are able. The summer of campaigning is about to commence and as we experience the longer evenings and occasional sunny days there’s never been a better time to get involved. From delivering literature and fliers to sharing information on social media and even chatting to one undecided relative or neighbour – as the supermarket advert says “Every Little Helps”.

I’m not a mathematician or a statistician but if everyone who voted Yes in 2014 can persuade one other person to switch from No to Yes, what a great celebration we can have the day following our 2023 vote.

The times are a changing and for us in Scotland we can look forward to a better future as we take back our independence and regain our rightful place in the European family of nations.

Liz Lowrey