Drafting Resolutions For Conference

Canvassing Abernethy, 8 AprilI attended an event organised by Toni Giugliano The Policy Development Convener last night. There were also a number of members of the policy development committee in attendance as well as PEOs and other officers from a selection of Branches.

At the outset it was emphasised that making resolutions for conference is something that is vital for branches to become engaged in so that our members are involved in shaping the policy of our party.

As you will all no doubt be aware this workshop and what was contained in has been somewhat superseded by more pressing events with the First Minister’s announcement today. However while time constraints have put this issue for our Branch on the back burner at present, I’d hope it is something that our members would like to be involved in for later conferences.

I have summarised the outline of what was discussed last night and if anyone has further questions, will be happy to provide any additional information.

The deadline to submit any resolutions for conference 2022 is 9am on 8 July so as you can see with the work involved in drafting and promoting a resolution that is likely to be accepted we are no where near to being able to do this.

The provisional agenda for conference will be issued to delegates on 22 July. This will include resolutions that the Policy Development Committee deem worthy of being debated. The makeup of this committee is 13. At this stage there is an opportunity to submit any amendments to said resolutions and also indicate which resolutions delegates would like to debate at conference by ranking them.

Any amendments to resolutions must be notified by 29 August and the final agenda for conference complete with the selected resolutions and any amendments will be advised on 9 September.

How to draft a successful resolution?

In a nutshell “short and sweet”. Not my own words but it should definitely be clear and concise. Longer information in support of the resolution is appropriate to the supporting statement accompanying the resolution.

The resolution should first identify the problem and begin Conference Notes.

Second it should be relevant to the principles and values of the SNP Conference Believes.

Third the policy proposal, position or action should be stated Conference Resolves.

Once the resolution is drafted by a Branch it should be promoted within other Branches and CAs by the Branch making the resolution. It was also stated that it’s useful to have MPs and MSPs who would support it.

So in summary for the future.
A resolution should be clear and concise. If the subject matter has been debated at conference in the past two years it is less likely it would be selected. Any resolution must be consistent with the values and principles of the SNP and its core values.

And finally if a resolution isn’t accepted, feedback will be provided as to the reason why.

I hope this is informative and provides a better understanding in an area I certainly had minimal knowledge of prior to attending the workshop last night.

Liz Lowrey