Liz Lowrey

Liz Lowrey

What a beautiful day fellow readers. I’m currently enjoying the sunshine and reflecting on what a month it’s been for politics and Scottish politics in particular.

Where to start? So much has happened. There were grimaces of defeat and weeping and wailing from the Tories and tears of joy as our magnificent SNP team of councillors swept to power in Perth and Kinross. Well the people of our region certainly sent a clear and unequivocal message to the Scottish Tory Twig office! We trust our Scottish government, our First Minister and our newly elected SNP councillors to put the people of Scotland front and centre of their policies. Many congratulations to all the new and returning elected members and heartfelt condolences to those pipped at the post by Unionist tactical voting which sadly prevented excellent potential candidates from taking office. The state of the Tory party and their ilk I certainly won’t be at all surprised if further vacancies arrive in the future. We can but hope.

I’d never been to a count before and it was amazing to see and experience this. Team SNP has 2 MSPs and an MP at our count. Senior Tory Twig office representation – a big fat zero, although I did catch Dross slinking out of a count elsewhere before he could be asked any questions about his parties embarrassing performance. The people of Scotland have spoken yet again and the message is crystal clear. There is no place for the nasty party in a progressive and forward looking Scotland.

While most folks are undoubtedly glad to have a well earned rest following all the election activity since 2019, now is not the time for complacency. The Unionist propaganda machine is firing on all cylinders and aided and abetted by the predominantly Unionist press and TV we must stand ready to fight our corner.

The cost of living crisis exacerbated by the Tory hard Brexit and their adherence to austerity policies designed to harm the most vulnerable in society rightly dominate the news. However very little is made of the fact that Scotland is choosing to do things differently. The Tories and their Unionist media cohorts don’t like hearing this! They take every opportunity to talk Scotland and our people down. You will search in vain dear readers for a good news story about Scotland on the BBC News website.

Suddenly the ferries, which have dominated news about Scotland since before the May election have slipped down the SNP bad rankings. I’m sure like the lying PM in Downing Street’s career, this story will be revived in due course. Put simply and I’m certainly no expert on the mechanics of tendering for government contracts, a decision was made to prevent loss of Scottish jobs. If you listen to the howls from the Unionist MSPs in Holyrood you could be forgiven for thinking that the contract had been awarded to cronies of the Scottish government. Aw but wait, awarding lucrative contracts to cronies is the speciality of the Tories. There are numerous examples but most recently I give you exhibit z (a to y were earlier in the year) Baroness Mone (failed underwear company owner) The Tories gave a government contract to a company that didn’t even exist when said contract was awarded and now criminal investigations are ongoing. Time will tell us the outcome of the investigation but regardless of the findings there is something intrinsically wrong with this modus operandi of the Tories.

Meantime lest we have forgotten, the fallout from Partygate rumbles on. This week is crime week in the DisUnited Kingdom and I’m sure it must be a source of embarrassment to Downing Street that they hold the record for the most coronavirus fines. Certain members of the Partying Party ask us to move on. For those that lost loved ones who were forced to die in isolation there is no moving on and nor should there be. Tories partied while people died and they cared not one jot. I was a young person when Thatcher came to power and saw first hand how her actions destroyed the country. Forty years later I have not forgotten or forgiven the actions of this woman and I’m certain in decades to come the despicable behaviour and disregard for the rules made by the Tories for the rest of us which they chose to ignore will not be forgiven either.

So where does this leave us here in Scotland. The UK is fracturing like a gigantic schism. Scotland will very soon I hope be an independent country ready and waiting to rejoin the EU family of nations. Much has been made mainly in the Unionist press but also amongst independence supporters that really should know better that a second independence referendum is not being planned for and won’t happen. I don’t have a crystal ball but I can assure you all readers planning is ongoing. There has already been one independence seminar and the second is scheduled for 25 May. All party members are invited to attend. This is a great opportunity to hear first hand what steps are being taken and also listen to arguments we can use to counter the negativism of the Unionist arguments as to why we are too wee, too poor and too stupid to be a successful and thriving small country.

And now we get to the title of this wee blog. Below is an extract from the Scottish Sun (my profound apologies to readers of a sensitive nature)

The data also reveals that Debate Night – BBC Scotland’s answer to Question Time – has pulled in a pitiful average audience of just 14,000 per episode over the past year.

And during December – the month of the general election – only 8,000 people on average tuned in to the programme.

Some readers will be aware that I applied, and was initially told that I would get to be in the audience for the episode filmed in Perth tonight. Sadly I was subsequently advised that as I’d been on a previous Zoom edition they were looking for new faces. I’m not convinced this is the case as I’m sure the astute amongst us will well remember manky jaiket man who had more appearances on Question Time than Fiona Bruce. Anyway I digress, I made a very polite tweet to both Debate Night Scotland and BBC Scotland News this morning. It is available to view at our excellent website

Long story short, my wee tweet has had in excess of 16800 views and many positive engagements. The same if not bigger than the Debate Night Scotland average audience. The naesayers I choose to ignore; life’s too short to engage with people who don’t have a good word to say about our country, our government or us who live here. I might not get my moment on TV but like each and every one of us I can shape the narrative about Scotland and our future by any means available.

Independence will come. We have been waiting patiently since 2014. Now’s the time to seize the day and make our voices heard.

Liz Lowrey