Liz Lowrey

Liz Lowrey

Well dear readers the clocks have sprung forward and April Fools’ Day has passed. As the tragedy of the war in Ukraine continues each and every one of us can only look on in horror at the inhumanity inflicted on Ukraine and its people. People living their lives exactly as we do have been subjected to the unimaginable. Throughout the world many others have endeavoured to help the people of Ukraine in many ways and for this we can clearly see that the good in mankind will always prevail.

Whilst war rages and the pandemic continues to take its toll one could almost be forgiven for paying scant attention to the upcoming Scottish Council elections. This, in my opinion, would be a monumental mistake. On May 5th 2022 we have the opportunity yet again to show the Blue Meanie Party exactly what we think of them. In a democratic society it is the ballot box and not an invasion that will bring about change.

Our Council is currently under Tory misrule. This impacts every aspect of our lives from over-inflated bin charges to frozen school meals lacking good nutritional value . Additionally for the Blue Meanie Party that continually gurns and gripes about lack of funding this Tory council currently sits on a large fund of money provided by our Scottish Government to assist with the after-effects of the pandemic. I’m all for saving for a rainy day but seriously the talentless Perth Tory’s have scuppered the Ark and left our community to drown.

It is an honour and a privilege to hold any elected office in society. Holding elected office whether as a Councillor, MSP or MP comes with great responsibility and the ability to shape a decent and fair society that will see all citizens benefit and fulfil their potential. We are indeed fortunate to have the excellent Jim Fairlie and John Nicolson as our representatives in Holyrood and Westminster.

In Almond and Earn we are also fortunate to have as our candidate for Council Michelle Frampton, who has a wealth of life experience and the desire to contribute towards positive change for our area. Michelle alongside SNP candidates in other Wards has the drive and ability to make Perth and Kinross a thriving area where people are happy to live.

The only thing standing in the way of positive change is inertia. It is patently obvious that people get the governments they vote for and therefore deserve. I’m wondering how all the Tory voters feel now that their elected UK PM is bringing misery to all their households. Tory ideology is callous, inhuman and cruel. There will be no cake for the Brexit voting Red Wall voters who believed the spin coming from Tory HQ.

As Ritchie Rich jets of to one of his luxurious holiday home do they honestly think he cares one jot for the daily struggle to survive that so many are now experiencing. National insurance contributions increased today which only builds on the years of Tory mismanagement and austerity that had bought the NHS to the bring of collapse long before the pandemic.

The elephant in the room that the Tories never mention of course is the fall in tax receipts as a direct result of the Tory Brexit. They can camouflage the tax hikes in any way they want but the ever increasing black hole in the DisUnited Kingdom’s finances is having to be plugged by the very people who voted for them.

It’s not a case of levelling up – more like grinding down!

Sadly at present Scotland and our people are trapped in this toxic and forced Union. Our Scottish Government makes every effort to mitigate the consequences of actions taken by a UK Tory Government that our people have consistently rejected since the 1950’s. Whilst we cannot fully control what happens as a result of actions taken in Westminster, we do very much have the ability to control what happens closer to home. In May we have two choices and the choice could not be starker.

On the one hand we have a backward looking Tory campaign that does not have anything to offer.

However, true to form, their press team took time out of their busy schedule to compose a vile tweet directed at Janey Godley, a Scottish lass suffering from stage 3 cancer. How low can they go? I’d thought the bottom of the barrel had been scraped some time ago, but no – yet again, just when I thought they had reached their nadir, they come out with even worse.

Change is desperately needed and we are not powerless in how this will come about.

Each and every one of us has a moral obligation to challenge the lies put out by the Unionist parties. Next time someone says they don’t support the SNP due to mistruths propagated by the mainly unionist media, politely challenge them. A few facts and a smile will ultimately be more successful in winning hearts and minds than cross words.

As the May elections approach we must talk up the benefits to our country of having an SNP government. This translates to the benefits of having an SNP majority council for us in Perth and Kinross. We want to have a council filled with talented and forward-thinking councillors instead of Tory placeholders.

Much is said about low turnout in Council elections. We need to make people aware that the council that runs your local area are the level of government that has the most direct impact on your daily life. From parking charges to council tax hikes to over inflated bin charges there are so many policies that a council can get wrong. We recently had the fiasco of the local Tories voting through frozen meals for our school children, as well as delay in the provision of the new pool and leisure facility for Perth. Typical of the Tories – if it’s good and of benefit to ordinary folks and their families it’s of no interest to them and their ilk. Why spend time on bettering folk’s lives when there’s a dodgy party to be going to somewhere?

Although spring hasn’t quite sprung yet, the days are growing longer (albeit not at quite the same pace as Johnston’s nose). It’s the time of year when we start to feel optimistic about what the coming year holds.

A great step on our way towards Scotland as an independent country will be to oust the Tories from the comfort of their seats in May. We have the opportunity to start shaping the country that we all want and deserve. From little seeds great trees grow, and SNP success in the council elections will plant the seed for the tree of independence on very firm ground.

It’s in your hands folks. Our country can’t endure much more of Wastemonster. Now is the time to act.