Boris Johnson is a liar

Liz Lowrey

Liz Lowrey

Tory lying started with Brexit, but is now commonplace, alongside its odious bedfellows Tory dodgy dealing and Tory cronyism. It’s official, folks – a Prime Minister can stand up in Wastemonster and spout lie after lie with impunity, whilst those who call him out are ejected from the Chamber of Horrors. Never in the sordid history of the DisUnited Kingdom has one man caused so much damage to the fabric of our democracy. As a child I was often told to “tell the truth and shame the devil”. The converse would appear to apply to the Leader of the Party Party – it’s a case of “tell a lie and double down on it”.

The inability to tell or even recognise the truth must surely make Boris Johnson a clear and present danger to all of us.

This week saw the tatty scarecrow announce the removal of coronavirus restrictions in England. I mean, who wouldn’t want to sit in an office for 8 hours and be exposed to a virus that, although less harmful than other variants, could still kill your granny if you catch it and pass it on.

Having spent a considerable part of my working life in offices, I know it takes only one selfish individual sneezing away to sicken half the work force. No consideration also for those with weakened immune systems like two of my previous work mates, who lived in dread of germ spreading colleagues.

Some of you will already know that I worked for Housing in Perth and Kinross Council. Luckily I spent a good part of my day outwith the office. However, while in it battery hens probably had more space and fresh air than I did. I’m certain that this kind of work environment is replicated up and down the country. Couple this with employers that guilt-trip their employees into attending when they are under the weather or, even worse, refuse to pay sick pay, and we have a germ fest for all and a recipe for disaster.

Does the Non-PM care? Not one jot. His sole motivation is to save his own skin by pandering to the right wing of his Party Party. Folk in England, God help them, voted for this clown, despite wide knowledge of his truly awful track record. What rankles with me is that we in Scotland did not. But actions taken in England will have consequences for us here, and while we remain shackled to the gnarled remnants of Empire, there is very little we can do about it.

The Scottish budget was passed this week because, luckily, we have a co-operation agreement in place with the Green Party. The three shades of Unionists rejected the budget out of hand. Why? Because they reject anything constructive and progressive proposed by the Scottish government. Even if – or perhaps especially if – it will be good for our country and our citizens.

There are so many things that an independent Scotland could do to alleviate this growing cost of living crisis, which promises to cause such immense suffering to the poorest in our society. Just as after the banking crisis in 2008, Johnson’s Party Party will instead only see yet another opportunity to help the rich get richer, at the expense of ordinary folk.

A number of European countries are ensuring that fuel bills will increase by only minimal amounts of 3 – 4%. However, the DisUnited Kingdom will see price rises ten times that amount or more. And we are all so grateful to the Tory loan-shark government, arn’t we, for a forced loan to be paid back over a five year period? A bit like the sunlit uplands of Brexit, which I doubt any of us will be alive to reach. It’s a case of kick the can down the road and hope it all goes away.

“I need my Nanny” Mogg, meanwhile, is asking us to give him some help with identifying Brexit benefits. No wonder he needs help! If he gave me his salary, I might consider dropping him a note – “Rejoin the EU, you haunted lamppost”. As the meerkat says, “simples”. Surprisingly, like “Grow Your Own Unicorn” kits, the benefits of Brexit are just pie in the sky. It would appear that the reverse Midas touch is prevalent in the Tory Government – anything they touch withers and turns to dust.

The Scottish Tory Twig office remain suspiciously quiet on Brexit benefits.

However, true to form, their press team took time out of their busy schedule to compose a vile tweet directed at Janey Godley, a Scottish lass suffering from stage 3 cancer. How low can they go? I’d thought the bottom of the barrel had been scraped some time ago, but no – yet again, just when I thought they had reached their nadir, they come out with even worse.

Change is desperately needed and we are not powerless in how this will come about.

Each and every one of us has a moral obligation to challenge the lies put out by the Unionist parties. Next time someone says they don’t support the SNP due to mistruths propagated by the mainly unionist media, politely challenge them. A few facts and a smile will ultimately be more successful in winning hearts and minds than cross words.

As the May elections approach we must talk up the benefits to our country of having an SNP government. This translates to the benefits of having an SNP majority council for us in Perth and Kinross. We want to have a council filled with talented and forward-thinking councillors instead of Tory placeholders.

Much is said about low turnout in Council elections. We need to make people aware that the council that runs your local area are the level of government that has the most direct impact on your daily life. From parking charges to council tax hikes to over inflated bin charges there are so many policies that a council can get wrong. We recently had the fiasco of the local Tories voting through frozen meals for our school children, as well as delay in the provision of the new pool and leisure facility for Perth. Typical of the Tories – if it’s good and of benefit to ordinary folks and their families it’s of no interest to them and their ilk. Why spend time on bettering folk’s lives when there’s a dodgy party to be going to somewhere?

Although spring hasn’t quite sprung yet, the days are growing longer (albeit not at quite the same pace as Johnston’s nose). It’s the time of year when we start to feel optimistic about what the coming year holds.

A great step on our way towards Scotland as an independent country will be to oust the Tories from the comfort of their seats in May. We have the opportunity to start shaping the country that we all want and deserve. From little seeds great trees grow, and SNP success in the council elections will plant the seed for the tree of independence on very firm ground.

It’s in your hands folks. Our country can’t endure much more of Wastemonster. Now is the time to act.